Being Andrew Winch

Being Andrew Winch


Andrew Winch is a name that’s synonymous with some of the finest yachts ever built. Like Espen Øino, his name calls to mind fantastic superyachts and dozens of design awards, but it is also linked to his studio, Andrew Winch Design, established in 1986 in south-west London. Nestled in an old fire station, remarkably preserved and arranged to accommodate teams working on several types of projects (superyachts, private jets, architecture and interiors), there is no doubt that this is a company whose founder truly loves the world in which he works! Andrew Winch and his creative team have delivered no fewer than 60 superyachts, including both exterior and interior designs: from the impressive lines of PLVS ULTRA (Amels 74m), ARETI (Lürssen 85m), ACE  (Lürssen 86m) or PHOENIX² (Lürssen 90m) to famous vessels like CLOUD 9 (CRN 74m), MADAME GU (Headship 99m), AL-MIRQAB (Peters Schiffbau 133m) and the remarkable DILBAR (Lürssen 156m). Acknowledged as one of the most talented designers in the superyacht industry, Andrew Winch and his studio have won no fewer than 30 prestigious awards. From the prestigious World Superyacht Awards (AL-MIRQAB in 2009, MADAME GU in 2014, DILBAR in 2017), to the ShowBoats Design Awards prize in 2017 for PLVS ULTRA or the International Superyachts Society prizes in 2000 for CAKEWALK (now AQUILA, Derecktor Shipyards  85m) and in 2009 for SLIPSTREAM (CMM 60m), the British designer is in a league of his own. These awards reflect exactly hs studio’s ethos: "Beauty. Uniqueness. Perfect Proportion. At Winch Design, we believe that every design – be it for land, sea or air – must be imbued with these things." Considering his clients as his greatest inspiration, Andrew Winch and his team aren't simply building a yacht, but an expression of the lifestyle of their clients. Imperial and Andrew Winch have forged strong relationships over the last decade, which will soon result in a fantastic 77m project at Nobiskrug shipyard.  In this interview, published in our 2018 Charter Directory issue, Andrew Winch shared his passion for the charter industry, superyacht design and his background. Sparing us a little of his valuable time to share with us his preferred charter options and talking about his charity work, we found that Andrew Winch isn't only a creative mind, but a true British gentleman

Portrait of Andrew Winch and yacht pictures: copyright Andrew Winch design Photo of Evgeniy Kochman and Andrew Winch: copyright Blue I Prod for Imperial

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