Future New-Build Projects

Future New-Build Projects


Imperial has partnered with some of the most exclusive shipyards over the past decade to deliver ground-breaking superyachts. The company has continued to act as Owner’s Representative and Build Supervisor on many incredible projects. With the past iconic deliveries of AMADEA (Lürssen 106.10-metre), FLYING FOX (Lürssen 136-metre), and LANA (Benetti 107-metre) amongst many others. Imperial celebrates their partnerships with shipyards and designers which has enabled the construction of some of the largest, ambitious, and pioneering superyachts the world has ever seen. By acting as Construction Manager and Owner’s Representative, the team maintains a tight grip on the quality, attention to detail, and timeline to guarantee a superb delivery. Imperial further enhances their 360° approach by extending their knowledge on building the most technologically advanced and innovative vessels. With past expertise in building 100metre+ superyachts, it is evident that Imperial is the right choice when embarking on this journey of new construction. Imperial marks the next decade with the following superyachts to be delivered.

The newest addition to Imperial is Project AMELS 242-07, a 74-metre Limited Editions superyacht to be delivered during summer 2022. This is the second superyacht signed with Amels and Damen Yachting successfully completed during this period. The second superyacht is Project SIGNATURE. This 120-metre superyacht will be the largest vessel built by the team at Amels and Damen Yachting and moreover, the largest vessel built to date in the Netherlands. This savvy team includes Espen Øino, with whom Imperial enjoys a long-standing relationship. Boundaries will be pushed by ensuring an eco-friendly approach. With the environment in mind, the vessel is designed and engineered according to the Lloyds Register of Shipping EP (Environment Protection) rating. Project SIGNATURE will be the most striking, advanced and silent superyacht ever delivered. The vessel will be setting new innovative standards for the 100metre+ yachting world. This revolutionary superyacht will be powered by diesel–electric engines and Azipod electric propulsion. The vessel will have close to zero noise levels and vibration, a first ever for a superyacht of this size. Imperial is proud to be a part of this yachting masterpiece. This project is set to be delivered in 2025.

BLUE MARLIN is an innovative 77-metre superyacht that will truly stand out within her range. This exciting project is built in collaboration with Admiral and also Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design. The idea behind this project was to combine the elegance of nautical tradition with the use of pioneering technologies. With the intention to be eco-sustainable, BLUE MARLIN will be equipped with a state-of-the-art diesel–electric propulsion system. Her exterior will exude refinement and adventure whilst maintaining her elegance. The main features will be the abundance of exterior space, a 6-metre pool, spa and helipad. The shipyard has enjoyed a very flexible approach by fully customising the vessel. This project is set for delivery in 2023.

BLACK SHARK has progressed despite the global lockdown. It is becoming closer to the initial design. Now that all the dirty work is done, she more closely resembles the finished product. BLACK SHARK was transferred from Kiel to Rendsburg in Nobiskrug’s local facilities in February 2020. Her superstructure has already been fixed to the hull as she now enters the dock for her final construction stages.

Another Nobiskrug collaboration is PROJECT 794 (62-metres). PROJECT 794’s exterior is designed by Espen Øino. The superyacht will benefit from expansive exterior deck spaces and a generous open-plan layout on five levels. This project is a performance-driven and high-volume superyacht. The vessel boasts contemporary elements with a timeless appeal. She will feature a 7-metre glass-walled pool as well as an abundance of state-of-the-art water toys. The superyacht moved from Kiel shipyard into the superyacht hall of Rendsburg facility in May 2020. Now that she is in Rendsburg, she will be expertly outfitted in the ultra-modern and climate-controlled superyacht hall.

The leading catamaran designer and manufacturer Sunreef Yacht is set to build a fully custom 49-metre twin-hulled superyacht. Imperial will be a part of one of the most luxurious catamarans and the biggest made in Poland to date. She will be manufactured at the Sunreef Yacht facilities in the city of Gdansk. The vessel will boast a tri-deck concept thanks to the 17-metre beam. She will have an abundance of outdoor living areas manned by 17 crew members. Sunreef Yachts is an exemplary shipyard that specialises in luxury multihull design and builds. This new exciting concept is an ambitious endeavour and an industry first. The catamaran-superyacht is due for delivery in the second half of 2021.

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