Amalfi Coast

This ancient playground of Roman Emperors courses with the charm and texture of a bygone age.
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Once a favourite among wealthy Etruscans as an escape from the heat and bustle of Rome, gentle sea breezes continue to temper the ferocity of the sun, making the Amalfi Coast the ideal summer retreat.

This oasis of emerald waters, steep cliffs and fragrant lemon trees has something for everyone. The cliff-top walks and crystal-clear dives are extraordinary; the steep, multi-coloured maritime towns and archaeological ruins are a big draw; and the traditional seafood dishes and Limoncello are a gastronomic delight. From snorkelling through the archaeological ruins of once great maritime towns, to experiencing the wonders of the local cuisine, you will not be left wanting.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Isle of Capri
2. Praiano
3. Positano
4. Amalfi
5. Atrani
6. Sorrento

Isle of Capri

Situated just off the coast of mainland Italy, the Isle of Capri is an absolute must when cruising the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, even the Emperor Augustus had a holiday villa on the island (the foundations of which can still be seen). Famed for its beauty since the time of the ancient Greeks, there is a mythical charm about the island, with nowhere more mythical than the island’s famous Blue Grotto. A bathing place for the Romans, this limestone lagoon is full of small grottos where, when the sunlight filters through, the pools of water light up and sparkle, dazzling visitors with the most beautiful shades of blue.

Isle of Capri
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