Like all leaders in our business, we have gone through a recent period where the yacht industry has been subjected to inquiries from some authorities, but over the past few months, Imperial Yachts has been targeted by numerous unfounded and inaccurate accusations following events that are unrelated to this family owned company and its services.

These events culminated today with the announcement of sanctions on our company by the United States government. The accusations made against us by the U.S. government and in the press are false. We will pursue all available legal remedies to resolve this matter promptly.

Imperial Yachts conducts all its businesses in full compliance with laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate. We are not involved in our clients’ financial affairs.

We are in the yacht building, management, sale and charter business. That is our focus and what we do. We started this company from nothing, and now, it appears that due to our success, we are unfortunately being targeted by those who would like to bring us down.

We look forward to settling all matters resulting from this turbulent time, as well as disproving the damaging smears made against our company. As always, our focus remains on living up to our established name as an international leader in providing the highest level of excellence for yacht sales, construction, management, and chartering.
Spokesperson for Imperial Yachts
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Baltic Sea

In West Norway, where the fjords come into dramatic union with the open sea, Bergen grants easy access to thousand-metre cliffs, majestic waterfalls and blissful anchorages.
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For a more sophisticated slice of urban finesse, medieval Copenhagen is arguably the most thrilling yacht charter base in Scandinavia. If true nautical flavour is what you’re after, Sweden’s capital is well placed, with the Baltic on one side and island-rich Lake Malaren on the other. When embarking on an expedition on the Baltic sea, many guests take in Hamburg. The beaches are dotted with beach basket chairs, resembling a scene from the 19th century. Visit the restored aristocratic estate, Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort, and dine at the Michelin star restaurant after a day relaxing at the spa.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Tallinn
2. Riga


Sail out to the famously quaint city of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, long considered one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. Take a stroll and discover the beautiful city, with its charming red-roofed buildings. This fairy-tale town is rich in extensive history and respected architecture. Stop for a sumptuous lunch at one of the local restaurants, enjoying traditional cuisine and home-brewed beers.

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