At only 90km from the base of Florida, and sat between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba offers her visitors a pleasant year-round warm climate, the tropical sea breeze adding to her charm.
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With the reverberating beats of rum-fuelled dancing filling the back streets of Havana, the smell of the city’s autonomous cigars filling the air, the architecturally magnificent old-quarters of Havana are a must-stop on any luxury yacht charter to Cuba. 

Upon its discovery in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, he proclaimed it “the most beautiful land one has ever seen.” Not much has changed. Cuba’s jumbled history has given this island nation a fascinating blend of cultures, creating a patchwork of architectural styles, cuisines and distinct regional areas. Her proud heritage is worn as a badge of honour, and resides on the streets in the classic American muscle cars that have added a near-mythical allure to this vibrant and effervescent island. It’s easy to see why Cuba is fast becoming a charter destination of choice; enjoy the untamed enthusiasm, and revel in the hedonistic lifestyle that only a charter to the largest of the Caribbean islands can offer.

Recommended Itinerary
1. La Havana
2. Maria La Gorda
3. Isla De La Juventud
4. Cienfuegos
5. Ancón Beach
6. Jardines De la Reina

La Havana

No trip to Cuba would be complete without a visit to La Havana, a city that teases every one of your senses. Smell the sweet scent of the local hand-rolled cigars and experience their mesmerising production with a visit to the Romeo Y Julieta Cigar Factory. Taste the spirit of Cuba at La Bodequita Del Medio, home of the Mojito and immortalised by Hemingway. Discover the origins of this cocktail at the Havana Rum Factory (tastings optional, but highly recommended!). It is also possible to visit where Hemingway finished his seminal novels “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Old Man and the Sea” at his villa, Finca la Vigia, 10km east of Havana. Feel the infectious rhythms of the open-air cabaret at the world-famous Club Tropicana, an extravaganza that has been entertaining locals and visitors alike for nearly 80 years, showcasing the best of traditional Cuban dance, music and folklore.
La Havana
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