The vast Indonesian archipelago stretches from Sumatra’s Indian Ocean coast to the border with Papua New Guinea – a longitudinal span that exceeds even that of Australia.
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Among the country’s 17,000 islands are some fabled destinations. However, some of the very best are to be found in a relatively compact, charter-friendly sequence beneath the central islands of Borneo and Sulawesi.

With a world-famous range of fauna, from elephants and macaques to tigers and Komodo Dragons, an Indonesian yacht charter has the potential for almost unparalleled adventure. Just off the sprawling, multi-coloured metropolis of Jakarta, the Kepulauan Seribu chain is a stunning example of a tropical archipelago. Further east, the equally lovely Karimunjawa group is another great region for idyllic anchorages, secluded beaches and relaxed island-hopping. However, a superyacht charter centred around the islands east of Bali makes Indonesia’s natural variety feel even richer. From here to the enchanting anchorage at Labuan Bajo there are plenty of memorable places. Chief among them are Lombok, which has all the charm of Bali but none of the seasonal congestion; and Komodo, a naturalist’s paradise. With vibrant pockets of nightlife to supplement the surfing hotspots, the excellent reef dives, the wildlife and the volcanic wilderness, this is yacht charter versatility at its best.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Serangan & Gili Islands
2. Komodo National Park
3. Batu Tara Volcano
4. Pulau Gunung Api
5. The Banda Sea
6. Ambon

Serangan & Gili Islands

Embark on your Bali superyacht charter against the majestic backdrop of Agung volcano. It is the largest peak on the island of Serangan. If you have a passion for surfing, this is a great spot to hit the local breaks.

Serangan & Gili Islands
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