Italian Riviera

Like its French equivalent, the Italian Riviera features narrow waterfront strips against an Alpine backdrop, with high-end shopping and first-rate cuisine.
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Here, however, the shore is littered with fishing villages, some of which, like Portofino or Forte dei Marmi, have achieved super-chic status; others, like the island of Elba or Cinque Terre, retain an authentic salt crust on their tumbling technicolour buildings.

There are plenty of extraordinary coastal walks, sheltered bays, secluded beaches and lofty cliffs, but what makes the Italian charter experience so special is that it fuses maritime tradition with 21st century luxury to better effect than anywhere else in the world. The calm waters surrounding the area make it ideal for snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing. Relish in the delectable specialities of Ligurian cuisine paired with a fine Italian wine. True culinary heaven.

Recommended Itinerary
1. San Remo
2. Genoa
3. Viareggio
4. Elba
5. Porto Ercole
6. Cinque Terre
7. Portofino

San Remo

As a historical refuge for some of Europe’s most pampered elite, the balmy Ligurian resort of San Remo is arguably the showiest destination on the Riviera. Widely known as the `City of Flowers’ for its seasonal show of blooms, it is more useful to think about the modern manifestation of this old Roman settlement as a hotbed of ritzy, casino-style nightlife. The enormous harbour is a renowned superyacht hub and the bars, shops and cafes ooze with appropriate cosmopolitanism.

San Remo
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