Norway’s fragmented west coast comprises a series of deep-hewn fissures and knife-edge landmasses, cut through with waterways that extend far into the country’s mountainous interior.
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The most striking section of this charter yacht hotspot encompasses Norway’s famous fjords – long, narrow sea inlets between steep glacial cliffs that provide an endless labyrinth of cruising opportunities. With clear, deep waters, vast reefs, imposing mountains, verdant hillsides, colourful settlements and fertile fishing grounds, West Norway is a unique yacht charter venue.

From Trondheim in the north to Stavanger in the south lies a region of West Norway where the famous fjords come into dramatic union with the open sea. And while Alesund provides excellent access to the magnificent Geirangerfjord, Bergen is an unbeatable base for a charter. In addition to its UNESCO-listed harbour and its innate vibrancy as Norway’s second largest city, its location at the apex of seven mountains puts it within reach of some of the country’s longest, deepest and most dramatic fjords. Expect cliffs a thousand metres high, majestic waterfalls, blissful anchorages and pristine wildernesses. It’s famed as one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth, and with a week-long yacht charter from Bergen, some its greatest treasures are yours to explore.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Helgbustadøya
2. Rorvik
3. Lofoten
4. Haukland
5. Rosendal
6. Geirangerfjord
7. Trondheim
8. Svartisen


Helgbustadøya (also known as Helgebustad or Helgebostad) is an island in the municipality of Hitra in Trøndelag county, Norway. The eastern third of the island has a pine forest that is a nature reserve, and the western two-thirds is a rocky, barren plateau that has many ponds and marsh areas. This coastal area has some incredible scenery to kayak around.
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