Panama, the narrow land link between Central and South America. It possesses all the natural yacht charter attractions for which the wider region is famed.
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Such as pristine jungle, exotic beaches, sheltered coves, submerged reefs and desert islands.

With the Panama Canal ushering maritime trade back and forth between the Pacific and the Atlantic, it’s also the most forthright and worldly country in Central America. Its blend of strategic importance, modern wealth, industrial might, social diversity and natural beauty make it a brilliantly surprising superyacht charter destination.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Panama City
2. San Blas Islands
3. Pearl Islands

Panama City

An intense Latin American cocktail of residents, travellers and traders, is the most complex and dynamic city in Central America. It has the skyscrapers, the street food, the bustling bars and casinos, the boutique shops and the high-end restaurants demanded by its eclectic and often transient clientele. Casco Viejo, the darkly atmospheric 17th century quarter, with its cellar bars, high-end hotels and anti-piracy fortifications, is an even more exciting yacht charter venue. From here, the famous canal offers access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts, and yet the rainforests remain every bit as accessible as the beaches. In addition to a night in the city and a trip through the canal, a Panama yacht charter must include some unhurried island-hopping in the lovely Las Perlas archipelago.

Panama City
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