With more than 7,000 tropical islands in the western Pacific, the Philippines is tailormade for a superyacht charter holiday. From swimming with sharks to caving, mountain hiking, reef diving and water sports, its range of active pursuits is first-class.
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There are some spectacular outlying islands too, the most famous of which are Cebu and Mindanao in the south and Palawan in the west – but it is unthinkable to take a Philippine superyacht charter without experiencing the extraordinary capital, Manila.

With its incessant rush-hour intensity, steaming street markets and infectious human clamour, the Philippines is one of the liveliest countries in the world. It also boasts areas of wholesome exclusivity, arranged around luxurious boutiques, elegant restaurants and high-rise commercial buildings. With this as your charter base, the island of Mindoro is within easy reach. On its northern coast, the deep natural harbour of Puerto Galera, once favoured by the Spanish fleet for its proliferation of sheltered deep-water anchorages, is particularly lovely. Its white bays, gorgeous islets and lush forests create a wonderful refuge for a roaming charter superyacht. With White Beach to the west and Sabang to the east, it also offers excellent cave diving and the happy option of tranquillity, sophistication or hedonism.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Manila
2. Apo Reef
3. Dumunpalit Island and Puerto Del Sol
4. El Nido
5. Boracay
6. North and South Cay
7. Coron Island


If you are commencing your superyacht charter in Manila, discover the 16th-century Intramuros founded by the Spanish, as well as the iconic 400-year-old Chinatown. Explore Subic Bay – a much more tranquil embarkation site – and cruise past the historic Corregidor, where you will find remnants of World War II fortifications. Anchor in one of the Hamilo Coast coves and drink in the beauty around you.
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