Red Sea

While Alexandria and Port Said on Egypt’s Mediterranean shore attract plenty of international tourism, the Red Sea is a prime region for an exotic yacht charter.
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Stretching between the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aden, with Africa on one shore and Asia on the other, the Red Sea is a glittering expanse of turquoise waters, replete with internationally acclaimed dive sites.

It’s a place of vast reefs, pristine beaches and sun-baked desert; of five-star charter resorts that give way to unspoiled waterfront settlements and ancient desert shores. The Sinai Peninsula in the far north is the ideal starting point for a unique voyage of discovery.

Recommended Itinerary
1. El Gouna / Hurghada
2. Giftun Islands
3. Nabq
4. Ras Mohammed Marine Park
5. Sharm El-Sheikh

El Gouna / Hurghada

The yachting hub of Hurghada on Egypt’s mainland shore enjoys a cosmopolitan nightlife and a reliable tourist throng. Its hedonism is well balanced by the gruff tranquillity of the old town and various land-based pursuits such as camel-riding and desert treks. The prettier town of El-Gouna, a short hop north, also warrants a closer look.
El Gouna / Hurghada
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