With a shoreline closer to Africa than Italy, plus crystal-clear diving waters, a beautiful climate and an assortment of caves, corals, wrecks, bays, cliffs and inlets, Sardinia feels like a very exotic destination.
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But while the lovely capital, Cagliari, offers all the cool indulgence the upmarket traveller could want, a really special Sardinian yacht charter has to concentrate on the northeast of the island.

Here, the irrepressible vim of party resorts like Porto Cervo is supplemented with an astonishing wealth of secluded coves, sheltered anchorages and dramatic views and seascapes. With easy access to Corsica’s southern resorts, it makes an impressively versatile yachting playground.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Tavolara Island
2. Olbia
3. Porto Rotondo / Portisco
4. Porto Cervo
5. La Maddalena Archipelago
6. Cala Di Volpe
7. Bonifacio

Tavolara Island

Tavolara explodes from the sea like the pinnacle of a mountain – and yet despite its splendour, it has escaped the development seen elsewhere on the Costa Smeralda. All you get on this untouched piece of land is a restaurant, a bar and a beach – and there are two good reasons for that. Firstly, it occupies a position beyond the main tourist coast; and secondly, it has been an independent monarchy ever since a 19th century Genoese sailor proclaimed himself King. As unusual anchorages go, it’s a beauty.
Tavolara Island
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