With nearly 100,000 lakes and a long coastline broken into complex networks of coves and islands, Sweden is a powerfully nautical nation.
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Bookended by the North Sea on one side and the Baltic on the other, it’s also a place in love with outdoor pursuits. From fishing to yachting, walking, skiing and hunting, Sweden’s vast tracts of water and wild virgin forests are the perfect outdoor playground.

While there is some fine cruising in the west, not least in vibrant Gothenburg, Stockholm in eastern Sweden makes a supreme charter base. With the Baltic in one direction and the expansive island-strewn waters of Lake Malaren on the other, you could easily enjoy a month of yacht charter entertainment without straying more than 40 miles from your home port.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Nämdö
2. Saltsjöbaden
3. Huvudskär
4. Stockholm
5. Utö


Venture out to Nämdö, this is an entire archipelago where the main island, Nämdö, is surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets. Nämdö is nature at its most beautiful. From its lush forests and flowering meadows to the outer archipelago's barren rocks and cliffs, Nämdö is one of the few large islands that still shows off original buildings and remains unexploited. For a typical Swedish island experience, head to the bay’s wooden fired sauna, where guest chop firewood, fire it up, indulge in the heat and then dive into the cooling sea! Guided tour of the Stamla Gan - All of Gamla Stan and the adjacent island of Riddarholmen are like a living pedestrian-friendly museum full of sights, attractions, restaurants, cafés, bars, and places to shop.
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