While the vast majority of Thailand is landlocked, its southern regions jut out beyond Burma to meet the Andaman Sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the east.
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The Gulf coast is a wonderful holiday destination. Discover its world-famous Samui archipelago, enjoy a more settled climate and a prolific wealth of natural, cultural and social treasures. The Andaman coast is among the most manageable, exotic and superyacht-friendly charter destinations in the world.

The beautiful climate, grand natural spectacles and sheltered anchorages of the Andaman Sea make this a prime superyacht charter playground. The island of Phuket in Phang Nga Bay is a fine base for exploration. A trip down the Thai west coast from Phuket towards the Malay border makes for a memorable charter, with many visitors finding it difficult to leave the bay behind. Phuket offers glorious multicultural cuisines, endless beaches, great scenery, friendly people and a lively party scene. The other hundred islands in the bay are equally magnetic – exploding almost vertically from the azure waters, their A-list beauty has seen them appear in various Hollywood films, achieving worldwide fame as the pinnacle of the Southeast Asian superyacht scene.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Thai Wat
2. Koh Tao
3. Shark Island
4. Koh Samui
5. Phuket
6. Similan Islands
7. Phang Nga Bay
8. Racha Islands

Thai Wat

Guests can take an early trip ashore to visit the Fish Temple: a great way to start the day, as you will get to see the workings of a Thai Wat (temple). This modern building, nestled at the edge of a lake, offers an incredible view of the body of water. The faithful regularly feed the fish here, in exchange for a donation. One of the main attractions of this site is the huge white statue representing “Guanyin”, the goddess of Compassion and Mercy, with her 18 arms. Another statue represents the “Laughing Buddha”. Guests will arrive before noon and bring gifts (purchased at local markets). A pleasant walk can be arranged for guests through the low mountainous and waterfall areas before lunch. As the afternoon cools, the adults may wish to head ashore for a 2-hour pampering session at one of the 5-star spas. This also may be a good time for the younger ones to visit the Canopy Top adventures and explore the Samui jungle from the treetops.

Thai Wat
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