The Turkish Riviera is set against the backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, on the boundary between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.
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Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast” is a vibrant clash of contradictions: it offers secluded coves, plunging landscapes and long, golden beaches.  On the other, it blends ancient cities and oriental bazaars with the effortless opulence of first-rate eateries, stylish cafes and glittering superyacht harbours.

Here, on the overlap between east and west, Turkey’s kaleidoscopic Riviera also enjoys one of the world’s most charter-friendly climates, with more than 300 days of sun each year and some of the warmest waters in the Mediterranean. It’s a long and varied coastline is steeped in historical and cultural flavour, but our suggested yachting itinerary condenses some of its greatest attractions into an easy one-week charter.

Recommended Itinerary
1. Marmaris
2. Gocek
3. Knidos
4. Datca
5. Bodrum
6. Ekincik / Dalyan


As ‘Package Holiday Central’, culture tourists won’t have Marmaris at the top of their to-do lists but it’s certainly worth a visit. The busy, effervescent harbour is set against a filmset backdrop, with turquoise seas in the foreground and mountainous hillsides to the rear. There’s an attractive (if compact) old quarter, plus a 16th century hilltop castle gazing down over the scene. Even so, come here for the pleasant bay, the nightlife, the accessible diving and the easy harbour entertainments and leave when elegant antiquity beckons.

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