Turks & Caicos

The compact archipelago of Turks & Caicos is a British Overseas Territory comprising around 40 cays and islands, but did you know that there are also nearly 300 smaller, uninhabited islets? Perfect for scenic, tranquil day trips where visitors can enjoy pristine turquoise waters, a touch of solitude and exotic marine life and aquatic species.
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Located 464 miles south-east of the Bahamas, set among 170 square miles of tropical, coral-rich water, Turks & Caicos’ strident nautical heritage continues to infuse this charter-friendly region with an attractive mix of international influences. However, with a resident population that barely exceeds 30,000, it remains a sparse and special place. Aside from the genteel clamour of well-to-do resorts springing up along Providenciales’s beach, it feels wonderfully unaffected by the rest of the world. Even the nominal capital, Grand Turk, is a case study in quiet colonial elegance. Turks & Caicos is certainly a less obvious charter destination than its famous neighbours, but for those in search of purist Caribbean yachting, it is the quintessential desert island destination.

Recommended Itinerary
1. French Cay
2. Grand Turk
3. Providenciales
4. Parrot Cay
5. Salt Cay
6. Virgin Islands

French Cay

French Cay is easily accessible and makes for a great half- or full-day trip. Indeed, this small island is fantastic for exploring and for learning a little bit of history. French Cay, though a quiet and serene wildlife sanctuary today, was a refuge and hiding place for many infamous pirates who would use the tiny and well-hidden cays as hideouts as they waited for Spanish galleons and treasure ships to attack! Fascinating marine underworld awaits divers for some very exclusive journeys.
French Cay
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