Andrew Winch


With over thirty years in the yacht design industry, superyacht designer Andrew Winch is widely recognized has one of the leaders in superyacht design. Starting at Jon Banneberg’s pioneering yacht design studio in the 80s, Winch was mentored by the legendary designer. After six years, he set out on his own and formed what we now know as Winch Design, specializing in exterior and interior design. With the main focus on bespoke and dynamic designs for his global client base, Winch is highly known as a leading design and architectural studio. He has extended his expertise to aviation and land-based architecture to his core business.

Whether it is a superyacht, private jet, helicopter or home, Winch has reached incredibly high standards to deliver excellence and individuality to each project. By being a mastermind in both interior and exterior, Winch Design are able to source everything you need from glassware to linens and carpets to artworks. This allows clients to rest assured that their property is totally unique from initial concept to every detail along the process.

Celebrating more than thirty years in business, Winch’s established reputation within the industry is unrivalled. His ethos is based on trust, respect and strong work ethic. This, combined with an unerring sense of great design and a singular attention to detail, is what his name has been built upon and is still at the heart of his business, Andrew Winch superyacht designer.

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