Lobanov Design


Established in 2007, Lobanov Design is a studio for the future. Specialising in exterior design for some of the most innovative superyachts, Lobanov takes a fresh and dynamic design approach to create iconic projects. Founded by Igor Lobanov, with offices in Moscow and Barcelona, the studio is behind multiple award-winning superyachts. Having grown up in Russia, Igor set his sights on the automotive and aviation worlds. First working with an iconic automobile manufacturer, he was offered the opportunity to meet a superyacht owner in 2003, which changed the course of his career entirely. The owner brought Igor on as his design representative, working on a project that was to become the mighty motoryacht A.

Igor says “Designing a very large yacht, or contributing to the top one hundred today, is a huge honour for Lobanov Design. Nevertheless, we are not aiming to design the largest superyacht ever, or to make the greatest number of superyachts in the world. However, we certainly aspire to design the most beautiful superyachts. That’s our goal, and the best proof is our portfolio of projects. It’s part of our job to organise the process of designing and building a new yacht, and to make it enjoyable throughout the entire journey”.

Driven by a desire to see more beauty in the world, Igor’s designs are sculptural and modern. Through hand-sketching and detail development, the studio is able to translate the client’s dreams into a bespoke reality. Each project is as unique as its owner, embodying its own design language and style, but never wavering in quality and ingenuity. 

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