Omega Architects

Creativity without design limits

Frank Laupman founded Omega Architects in 1995, an award-winning design studio specialized in exterior and interior of super yachts. At Omega Architects, it is believed that only perfect correlation between the exterior and interior design will allow for the best, most efficient layout and design result. Accordingly, they design the exterior and the interior simultaneously in their projects, providing clients with the optimal interior exterior relationship and consistency of style.

Creativity at Omega Architects has no design limits. They aim to make people feel at home by creating designs that completely and accurately satisfy an individual’s wishes, inside and out. Providing clients with exquisite and unique lifetime experiences. Frank Laupman’s signature style can be described as: ‘clean and sporty yet elegant, with flowing lines that can be chiselled here and there’.

The studio has been honoured with many superyachts projects delivered and important awards, including the CRN-built YALLA (74m) or Heesen’s most iconic and recent deliveries like GALACTICA STAR (65m), HOME (50m) or SIBELLE (50m). Projects like HOME fully shows the evolution of the new design language wanted by the yard and translated by Omega Architects: looking beyond the plumb bow she is a totally different yacht. For instance with 23% more glass, mostly full height windows, to feel closely connected to the environment everywhere onboard.

Omega Architects is strong in design, modern visualization techniques and thorough technical expertise, following a unique design protocol. The versatile and flexible team pushes their own boundaries, attracting and inspiring strong principals to realize dreams together.

Ready to start your dream superyacht project?

Our considerable experience with the main shipyards in Northern Europe and Italy allows you to benefit from our impressive superyacht construction knowledge: whether you are ready to build your ideal vessel, or need advice regarding the right shipyard, the perfect exterior and interior designs that suit your tastes, we would be delighted to accompany you in achieving your dream superyacht.

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