Studio Vafiadis


Giorgio Vafiadis started his career in yacht design more than thirty-five years ago and founded Studio Vafiadis. Since his first superyacht, the iconic GRAN MUDDER (46m) delivered in 1983, he has created some incredibly beautiful yachts. Studio Vafiadis have set clear objectives, not only to assist and support its clients through innovative, inclusive and efficient designs, but maximizing the performance of services through the understanding of the client. Getting to know his lifestyle, hobbies, personal preferences and aesthetics.

Superyachts require optimization of space. The owners and guests must feel comfortable and have their privacy whilst the crew must be able to provide the service without being seen as well as to maintain the vessel and its systems. Studio Vafiadis strongly believes that it is essential that crew accommodation is carefully planned and should also create a good environment for the crew, as they also must live on board. Many superyachts provide crew gyms, quiet spaces and more. As creative and innovative designers, they are also committed to the evolving developments and to implement the latest technological advances through state-of-the-art techniques, materials and ideas.

In a successful partnership with Imperial, Studio Vafiadis have collaborated on a range of impressive vessels. This includes the elegant RUSH (50m), the graceful OKKO (41m), the stylish PUMPKIN (50m) as well as the charming ELSEA (50m).

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