Tim Heywood


The multi award-winning yacht designer, Tim Heywood, has produced some of the finest and largest superyachts over the last 40 years of his career. Starting with an interest in industrial design, Heywood graduated from the Central School of Art and Design. When introduced to distinguished yacht designer Jon Bannenberg, he realized that he could fuse all of his interests into one career. Heywood began to work for Banneberg for over twenty years before opening his own studio. Heywood works closely with his clients, turning dreams into reality and managing every small detail.

With over seventy designs sketched by hand, most of which have been built or being built, including the iconic Dilbar (156m) and elegant Pelrous (115m). Heywood finds inspiration from all around, whether that being nature, engineering or transportation as well as different architectural era’s, such as art deco, mid-century modern or from ancient Egypt. This has influenced his well-known flowing and timeless designs. Heywood cites that creating floating homes is a rewarding investment.

Although he shies away from interior work so that he can flex his superstructure skills, he is clearly a brilliant all-rounder. Imperial and Heywood have a long and successful partnership, delivering some of the most exemplary vessels of the decade, including the striking EVENT (60m) as well as the unrivalled ASTRA (55m).

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