Amalfi Coast yacht charter

In the shadow of Vesuvius

Cliffs clad with lemon trees, bearing the large, succulent fruit from which the famed local delicacy of Limoncello is made, have remained unchanged since ancient times. The one-time playground of Roman nobility and their Emperors, the majestic and legendary coastline of Italy’s Amalfi Coast is difficult to surpass. Surrounded by historic charm and scenic romanticism, succumb to the luxury of chartering in these emerald waters.

From snorkelling through the archaeological ruins of once great maritime towns, to experiencing the wonders of the local cuisine, you will not be left wanting. The magical allure of this region, its rugged terrain perfectly complimented by the genteel and inviting architecture of the coastal towns, continues to fill those lucky enough to visit with awe. It is not difficult to see why the Etruscans and Romans chose the particular stretch of Italy’s coastline as an escape from the heat and bustle of ancient Rome; the gentle sea breeze takes away the sharpness of the sun’s rays, her climate lending itself to the ideal summer retreat.

This prestigious Mediaeval town is noted as crowning place of the Doge, the local leaders of the time. Experience stepping back in time by wandering through the narrow cobbled streets, under archways and through vaults, happening upon sun-filled piazzas filled with traditional Italian shops and bars.

The eponymous town of the region, and one of the most luxurious. Made famous by the Hollywood actors of old who graced her winding Mediaeval streets, Amalfi maintains a feeling of classic Italian glamour. This is where you can find the best Limoncello, made from the local, stunning lemons that are unlike those you will find anywhere else. They are extraordinarily large, and prolific throughout the town. A sight not to be missed.

Nestled in between the towns of Amalfi and Positano, Praiano has more of a relaxed feel and has many small pebble beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat. It also enjoys the most sunshine on the Amalfi Coast, in the height of summer lasting until 20:00.

Locals will more than happily mystify you with the legends surrounding Positano, her charm utterly magnetic. One of the most photogenic towns in the Mediterranean, the brightly coloured buildings that perch precariously on the cliff’s edge provide a stunning backdrop to this inlet. Quality restaurants abound, and the Grand Beach is the place to be seen; indeed, it was this town which was the first in Italy to import Bikinis from France in the 1960s.

Situated just off the coast of mainland Italy, the Isle of Capri is an absolute must when cruising the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, even the Emperor Augustus had a holiday villa on the island (the foundations o fwhich can still be seen.) Famed for its beauty since the time of the ancient Greeks, there is a mythical charm about the island, with nowhere more mythical than the island’s famous Blue Grotto; a bathing place for the Romans; this limestone lagoon is full of small grottos where, when the sunlight shines through, the pools of water light up and sparkle, dazzling visitors with the most beautiful shades of blue.

Sorrento, can be defined as one of the best-known international tourist resorts, hometown of the poet Torquato Tasso, land of colors and Mermaids, city of orange and lemon groves. The beginning of the 18th century saw a time of cultural, economic and social rebirth for the whole Sorrento peninsula, at the top during the 19th century.

This was the time when the tourism vocation of the area was born and was established with its inclusion in the so-called “Grand Tour”. A journey through the most important Italian sites that every young European noble of the time had to make to complete his cultural, historical and literary formation. Important guests such as Byron, Keats, Scott, Dickens, Goethe, Wagner, Ibsen and Nietzsche came to stay in Sorrento looking for sun and inspiration.

  1. Anchor off Positano on the waterside terrace of San Pietro.
  2. Taste the unrivaled sunset on Amalfi town while toasting with locally made Limoncello liquer.
  3. Dive into Faraglioni's rocks or the unrivaled Banco di Santa Croce, an explosion of underwater life.
  4. Hike the mountaintop Ravello, famous for its vast panoramic views and two very beautiful gardens in Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.
  5. For Antique lovers, visit Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, one of the world’s best-preserved remains of classical Greece temples.
  6. Visit the world famous "Blue Grotto" in Capri and swim inside the dark cave and its incredible blue waters.
  7. Experience the mud baths and hot springs of the volcanic island of Vulcano.
  8. The volcanic island of Ischia makes an ideal stop: thermal waters and many luxury thermal spas to enjoy.
  9. Visit the ancient town of Pompei, rediscovered around 1,600 years after being buried under volcanic ash.
  10. From the Amalfi Coast, extend your charter cruise to the Aeolian Islands and Sicily.