Windward Islands yacht charter

Film set splendour

The Windward Islands is a complex chain of volcanic landmasses that punctures the surface of the eastern Caribbean – and from the French-influenced gastronomic hotspot of Martinique in the north to the famous spice island of Grenada in the south, it’s a place very much favoured by the world’s yacht charter elite. With steep, tropical peaks wrapped in thick rainforest and sheltered coves visible only to inbound yachts, it has also provided the dramatic backdrop to several swashbuckling Hollywood films.

As a charter destination, it offers a memorable scattering of reef, cay and islet and while both St Lucia and St Vincent are rich in rare wildlife, dramatic hiking routes and colonial heritage, the peerless privacy of Mustique makes it one of the world’s most exclusive retreats.


Located northwest of St. Lucia, Rodney Bay is a picturesque bay of Spring, which is considered as the jewel of the Windward Islands thanks to its artificial lagoon, golden sand and endless nightlife. During the day, the beautiful Reduit beach attracts visitors and at night, Rodney Bay Village is the perfect place to experience the beauty and excitement of the island.

Enjoy this spicy Caribbean cuisine – an exciting combination of influence of France, Colombia, Africa, and India, withs some Indian highlights.

Hikers will really like this place! The famous twin peaks of volcanic origin Pitons are included in the World Heritage List, and part of St Lucia’s treasures. These mountains (Gros and Petit-Piton) are located near the towns of Soufriere and Choiseul in the south-west coast of St. Lucia and remain the most popular among tourists who love outdoor activities.

St. Vincent archipelago consists of 32 islands and reefs, and remain an ideal place for diving enthusiasts and lovers of hiking trails along the scenic nature. In addition, the world-renowned National Marine Park Tobago Cays also located in the archipelago of Saint Vincent.

The island was created for a family holiday and offers many cultural events: walks through the rainforest, scuba diving, typical Caribbean white sand beaches, luxury hotels and excursions on yachts.

Bequia is a pearl in the necklace of Grenadines Islands, which combines all the charm of the old Caribbean. Friendly people, natural beauty, and island charm make Bequia a very special place. The island was known to sailors for many years, and now opens to travelers who are looking for beautiful nature, to relax and unwind. Join this place yet unsolved mysteries of the island has not disclosed all!

The unique feeling of Mustique captivates all generations : explore the island at your own pace, where you will find a lot of unforgettable experiences; from swimming and diving in the emerald waters before sailing and snorkeling with turtles in the nearby reefs Tobago Cays.

Take a ride on horseback along the beach or a tennis game at the famous Mustique Tennis Club, or even pamper yourself with a world-class spa treatments.

Grenada – called “the highlight of the Caribbean” – is much more than a classic Caribbean island with sandy beaches. From a cultural point of view, the island is an interesting fusion of old traditions and new generations – take part in the carnival, created under the influence of African slaves and French colonialists in order to understand its power.

Grenadian culture is expressed through music in all its diversity; dance and theater; sport and recreation.

Top Ten Windward Islands attractions
  1. Anchor beneath vertical volcanic spires in southwest St Lucia.
  2. Learn about traditional boat building on the whaling island of Bequia.
  3. Climb 2,500 feet to the peak of Gros Piton for great archipelago views.
  4. Tie up in St George’s harbour and join Grenada’s feel-good throng.
  5. Take a dip within the horseshoe reefs of the spectacular Tobago Cays.
  6. Drop anchor and head ashore for a desert island picnic on tiny Mopion
  7. Take a hike up the very active ‘La Soufriere’ Volcano in St Vincent.
  8. Book a night or two at the super-exclusive Cotton House in Mustique.
  9. Go island hopping in the Grenadines, between Grenada and St Vincent.
  10. Head north to Martinique for a taste of French-style Caribbean gastronomy.