Technical management


Imperial’s Technical Department are here to support all  aspects of superyacht management, whether this is frontline assistance and advice to the vessel’s senior management, or back end support for operational, interior, charter and sales management. Drawing on significant dedicated in-house experience and credentials from all sectors of the yachting and wider marine industry, Imperial provides 24/7 assistance as and when required to ensure the reliability, upkeep and availability of vessels in operation. This extends to shipyard refit and repairs and during the often overlooked preparation of these phases.

Our team’s collective years of 'been there, done that' experience, extensive network of suppliers and strong relationships with key industry figures are constantly challenging our team to go beyond in pursuit of our goal.

Technical management

Whether a vessel was designed and built under Imperial’s supervision, our extensive construction portfolio is allied with our yard-based specialist teams. This enables us to assist with even the most ambitious superyacht refit project. Imperial has developed, in partnership with iconic shipyards of the superyacht industry, a new Yacht Project Management and Yacht Refit policy. Imperial offers professional planning and design consultation, to ensure that very vessel entering a major refit period has been thoroughly prepared. Our client-driven plans satisfy regulatory compliance, survey requirements and ongoing technical safety standards.


Imperial also manages the contractors in all relevant sub-departments, including interior fit-out, engineering, navigation, communication, audiovisual and security. Our proven protocols give us precise control over every other aspect of a refit project. From shipyard selection, contract negotiation, specification approval compliance control to the sourcing of hard to reach spare parts or rare finds,

Imperial’s professional teams, composed of highly experienced yachting professionals, are able to source, support and assist you at every stage of your vessel project. Whether it’s a global project management with specialists, or a complete refit fully assisted by our teams, our well-established links to the most prestigious shipyards in Europe and beyond and our on-site teams are perfectly placed to monitor contract specifications, ensure quality control and maintain tight timelines. This ultimately enables each project to adhere strictly to briefs, schedules and budgets, whilst ensuring the client is fully up to speed with progress via a well-informed reporting structure.


Imperial provides a range of vessel management services focused around client requirements. Our professional and multidisciplined management team ensures that all marine projects are completed and delivered to the client exceeding expectations, as well as in accordance with the approved contract and technical specifications and ensuring compliance with Class, Flag and Certifying authority requirements.


Among our main strengths:

  • Managing contract specifications, including project tender, design and delivery
  • Preparation of the construction/refit process in collaboration with leading build/shipyard
  • Monitoring of planning deadlines, progress, quality and budget control
  • Monitoring, overseeing and reporting on project development
  • Supervision of commissioning (via FATS, HATS, SATS), sea trials and delivery of the vessel to client
  • Managing of engineering, construction and procurement processes to ensure the highest standards during the project lifecycle
  • Acceptance and warranty management for all construction Departments (Exterior, Engineering, Interior)
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Imperial’s close links with the most prestigious shipyards worldwide enable us to assist with even the most ambitious superyacht refit projects. Whether a vessel is built under Imperial’s supervision, the company’s extensive construction portfolio is allied to its yard-based specialist teams. This ensures a bespoke service rigorously in line with briefs, schedules and budgets.

The vessel refit and repair department is a key asset within Imperial’s portfolio. We offer professional planning consultation and design expertise to ensure a vessel entering a major refit period has been thoroughly prepared and has a detailed refit overview that meets the client’s requirements, statutory and classification regulation, preventative maintenance schedule, and the highest technical safety standards. 


Our skills encompass the following:

  • Shipyard Procurement and Yard selection
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Specification approval
  • Management of sub-contractors of all vessel areas (Interior, IT, Engineering, Navigation, Communication)
  • Sourcing of supply parts and equipment
  • Acceptance and warranty protocols
  • Refit administration with focus on budget control and project reporting
  • Quality control
  • Compliance control (ensuring Flag, Class and manufacturer’s requirements are met during project works)
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