A charter journey on board LEGENDA

Why LEGENDA should be on your charter bucket list

She recently entered the charter market, but she is already an experienced superyacht: at 41m length, LEGENDA is one the yacht which is very attractive for plethora of reasons. Delivered in 2009 by Italian shipyard Mondomarine, she benefited of an extensive refit in 2016 on both interior and exterior areas including several updates (new furniture, carpets, etc.). Available for charter since Spring 2018 with already a certain number of destinations cruiser in Mediterranean, and perfectly crewed with enthusiast and skilled professionals on board. An interesting vessel with an impressive background like LEGENDA can’t leave anybody insensible!

While LEGENDA is starting her second Summer season in Mediterranean, we sat with her Captain to understand what makes her different in a so demanded charter range as the 40-45m one, certainly one of the most popular in this industry. Between her talented Chef through her large array of water toys or her functional exterior decks, LEGENDA is unveiled in detail. If you are looking for a family-friendly superyacht for this summer, with experienced people on board ready to give you a taste of what luxury service looks like, then LEGENDA is definitely made for you. Acclaimed by her guests who where the very first one to charter LEGENDA last summer 2018, this interview will help you plan and secure your next charter booking. A day on board LEGENDA is really looking different than any other!


IY: What makes the superyacht charter experience special?
Zeljko Mikulicic: First and foremost, the superyacht industry is about luxury – and personally, even as the Skipper of a yacht like LEGENDA, I still get a great deal of pleasure from it. You get to visit the world’s most lavish destinations and you get to meet some of the world’s most extraordinary people. So it’s about luxury at the highest level, in terms of services as well as places and products.

IY: What makes LEGENDA particularly attractive?
I’ve been involved with LEGENDA for a few months now and I have to say that, for a 41-metre motoryacht, the space available on the three decks is very impressive – particularly outside at the aft end and up on the Jacuzzi-equipped sundeck. We’ve got an aluminium hull, which is very typical of Mondomarine’s 40-metre plus yachts, and we’ve got a lot of toys too. We’ve obviously got stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, skis, wakeboards and inflatable toys, but we’ve also got two GP100 Jetsurfs, plus a couple of jetskis, two Seabobs and a comfortable five-metre tender. We’re also an authorised RYA training centre, so if guests don’t have their yachting licences and they want to pass a course during their charter, we can do that for them. And on top of all of that is the sense of exclusivity. LEGENDA has never been available for charter before, so it’s a really exclusive yacht and it very much feels that way.

IY: How would you characterise your crew?
My crew is very experienced. We have a new First Officer, a new Chief Steward, and we’ve got an additional Chef, so the chefs are now on rotation – and already, it’s working very well. We’ve got a mixed crew too, so although English is our primary language, we’ve got enough flexibility with our crew in terms of their abilities, their experience and their languages to cater for pretty much any blend of charter guests.

IY: How has your charter experience been to date?
We’ve had just two charters so far, the first in Turkish and Greek waters and the second one just in Turkey, and LEGENDA really does feel ideal for the Med. Turkey in particular was fantastic – far better even than we expected. There are plenty of beautiful anchorages, lots of sheltered bays and the Turkish mooring technique, where you connect the vessel with ropes to the rocks, is a lot of fun. In fact, I like it even more than the western Med in many ways. It’s not really been discovered yet compared to the charter industry’s more famous destinations like the French Riviera or parts of Italy or Corsica. But it has this really special atmosphere, it’s a comfortable place to cruise and in terms of value for money, it’s amazing.

IY: Is LEGENDA a particularly capable sea vessel?
She’s very capable. Of course, during a charter period, there’s always a compromise to be made between speed and comfort. In a Beaufort Scale 5, we can still carry on with a relaxed passage, but if it goes beyond that, we need to make it relatively slow to keep things comfortable. But that’s yachting. It always depends on the conditions and, while our stabilisers are of course designed to mitigate the impact of poor conditions, we can always adjust the itinerary to cater for bad weather if we need to.

IY: So does LEGENDA enable you to change the itinerary as you go?
ZM: Yes, absolutely. We do need to be quite certain in terms of where we begin and end the charter; and in terms of safety, we obviously have to impose certain limits. But as for the rest, we can always be flexible – and that’s necessary because our clients are fully entitled to be demanding. If the planned itinerary says they want this island and, in the event, they change their minds and say they want another one, that’s no problem at all. On the contrary, I really enjoy that because that’s what charter is. Otherwise why would our guests choose to charter our vessel? Itineraries change all the time and that’s normal for us. We’re always primed to make that happen – and if our guests are happy, then we all get a good experience out of it.

IY: So why should people charter LEGENDA?
ZM: We are a fresh vessel on the market. We’ve never chartered before and that in itself will be very attractive to people. Our length of 41 metres means we can access a lot of places, but we’ve still got a lot of toys, a lot of space and an excellent crew. We can provide everything from traditional cuisine to a more modern Mediterranean style of cooking, with every kind of food in between; and we are ready to provide the very highest level of service, whatever our guests’ wishes might be.

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