For gourmet lovers, FLYING FOX offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that is not to be missed. From sunset sushi with family and friends overlooking the French Riviera to freshly caught lobster on the grill whilst out in the Caribbean Sea; this gastronomic charter takes you on a wonderful journey! This experience will be a food lover’s paradise. The chefs make the most out of local delicacies and use the freshest ingredients. Whether this may be the rarest truffle mushrooms or the finest caviar, rest assured that everything used is only of the best quality.


Unlike other superyachts, FLYING FOX chefs have the option to cook with fire. Through strict safety measures and careful procedures, this is made possible. Cooking on coal adds an unmatched dimension to food, real foodies out there can testify! Each guest can enjoy any kind of cuisine, made with its remarkable cooking stations. FLYING FOX boasts of state-of-the-art appliances to satisfy the taste buds of all guests on board.

The world-famous Josper grill is a coal powered Spanish Grill, used for grilling and roasting meats, fish and vegetables. As the Josper is a hybrid grill and oven, the Chef on board will enhance the flavours of your meal with charcoal flavour and charred texture, yet control the temperature of the oven for a juicy meal. In addition, a bread stone has been fitted for cooking delicious pizzas and focaccia.

A traditional Indian oven, Tandoor, fuelled by coal for that authentic taste has also been installed. It is perfect for making naan bread to accompany an Indian themed dinner. The flatbreads are put against the sides of the oven whilst the meats are placed on long skewer which are inserted into the oven or over the oven.

Furthermore, guests will find a coal powered wok used for specific Asian menus like stir fry dishes or delicious noodles such as Pad Thai. The high walls of the wok allow the food to be tossed easier, meaning the heat will be evenly distributed and ingredients mixed.

A full-sized rotisserie, capable of cooking a whole lamb or chicken is also seen onboard. The rotation of the meat bastes it internally and externally. It creates an impeccable and succulent dish where the skin of the meat is crisp and charred and the inside is tender.

Last but not least, FLYING FOX has its own traditional Brazilian rotisserie called Churrasco. Where a variety of meats are cooked on rotating skewers – the most famous being the delightful picanha steak. The desired meat is on a skewer cooked over an open fire. This Brazilian style is an exotic form of grilling meats.

Guests on board will be filled with dining options, there will be no need to eat out on shore. With many choices, this makes entertaining guests a remarkable experience. Let the crew know about any themed dinners you may want and they will be happy to assist. FLYING FOX’s sumptuous seating on the aft bridge deck creates an elegant and comfortable dining experience. Guests are able to shut both sides with sliding glass windbreakers on those chilly nights. The formal dining table is well protected under the upper deck and can seat up to 24 people as well as seating at the counter for interactive dinners and live cooking with the chefs.

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