AMADEA, the 106.1-metre Lürssen, is one of the largest superyachts in the world. Discovered by the entire world during the Monaco Yacht Show 2019, AMADEA is on the sales market for the first time. Lürssen has applied their expert skills in yacht building to optimise the design and superstructure. Alongside with Espen Øino and François Zuretti for exterior and interior design, we collaborated to create a truly unique superyacht. In other words, she is a true masterpiece and a testament to Imperial’s savoir-faire! We could find one hundred reasons to explain why AMADEA is the superyacht to own in 2020. Today, we gathered a top 10 stand out features she offers. Discover more below.


1. The most unique superyacht on the ocean
AMADEA has been constructed to the highest standards under the strict supervision of Imperial. She is renown to be one of the most detailed superyachts to ever be built. Every millimeter of AMADEA has been carefully planned and customised to give her Owner a truly unique superyacht. Despite being previously owned, she surpasses greater expectations than a new vessel coming out of the shipyard for her first season.

2. Iconic design by Espen Øino and François Zuretti that can be spotted miles away
When in talks with naval architect Espen Øino, he states that the main inspiration when designing Amadea was the client. He was very inspired and engaged when it came to the design process, he wanted a custom boat with unique and elegant lines. We had many discussions – similar to a game of ping pong. Lots of back and forth meetings and sketches to comprehend what he visualized in his mind, his aspirations and what he envisioned his life to be on board.

3. True epitome of luxury and comfort on board
No expense has been spared when it comes to this exceptional luxury of a floating palace. The high attention to detail can be noticed throughout the entire vessel. Her opulent interior has all been hand finished by skilled craftsmen and artisans. The bespoke materials used such as selected marbles to polished gold touches as well as inlaid technology to ensure her Owners and guests will be at total ease throughout the journey. After hours spent on board the magnificent AMADEA, guests will still find themselves discovering her many details and secret spots. She is a true masterpiece.

4. Space, privacy and intimacy were the focus of AMADEA’s layout
When designing the interior, Zuretti guarantees the sense of privacy and intimacy with hidden passage ways and secluded terraces on board. Guests will find many intimate corners to sunbathe and enjoy without having to be disturbed. The overhang structures conceal cozy dinner parties amongst family and friends, leaving the Owner and his guests unobserved.

5. PYC compliant with up to 22 guests on board
AMADEA is PYC-compliant and can welcome up to 22 guests cruising and 16 guests sleeping in her 8-cabins layout. With an ample number of guests allowed on board, it is the perfect amount to host a ravishing dinner party or a delectable lunch on the sun deck, serving guests your catch of the day.

6. High levels of insulation for reduced noise
The vibration and background noise of Amadea’s engines are unnoticeable thanks to the levels of insulation being one of the most impressive on a superyacht delivered in the past five years. Furthermore, she is extremely efficient, as Imperial oversaw the installation of her HUG filtration system, which removes harmful particles from the exhaust gasses while high temperatures burn off any collected particles. The gasses are then passed through silencers and expelled as an eco-friendlier substance.

7. Total ease on board with state-of-the-art systems
AMADEA offers its Owner and guests four very large quantum XT fins with the SMC4000 system. She sits very comfortably at anchor whilst most vessels would need to leave the anchorage. The positioning and maneuvering systems on the bridge allow the Captain and crew to utilise different thrusters to counter the environmental conditions.

8. The level of cutting-edge and customisation in and around the superyacht
It is no surprise that she has been built for autonomous and unrestricted cruising.
Every Lürssen superyacht is fundamentally built with good seakeeping characteristics at its core. AMADEA is no exception. All aspects of her handling and maneuvering data were predetermined in the build and subsequently proven during the sea trials and delivery. She was built for ocean cruising and behaves exactly as you would expect from an incredible quality build.

9. Custom-built Windy limo tenders
It is no surprise that AMADEA has her own bespoke guest tenders designed by Øino and built by Windy’s Yacht Project Division. The two 11-meter limo tenders were created with a specific purpose in mind. They were designed to match the mothership, using the same materials and quality you would find on board – including the miniature albatross figurehead. The open-style tender was designed for the Owner who enjoys driving it himself, whilst the limousine tender is for taking guests ashore in comfort, style and protection.

10. Magical experience on board with a five-star service from AMADEA’s crew
By sharing their knowledge of AMADEA, the crew demonstrate how they and the operations team ashore keep Amadea one-of-a-kind. It’s not an easy day-to-day process, but they serve unrivalled experiences for those on board. Discretion is key when it comes to Imperial and the crew they provide on board. The crew are highly trained at offering guests’ bespoke services, further enhancing the pleasant time on board.

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