Enjoy Cannes Film Festival 2016

The perfect Imperial guide for glamour lovers

Since 1946 the beautiful seaside town of Cannes has played host to the world-famous Festival de Cannes, an annual film festival set on highlighting the beauty of pure cinematic art. It is a festival where Hollywood royalty mix with upcoming new talent, all hoping to draw attention to films whose aims are to raise the profile of cinema as an art form. For two weeks at the beginning of summer, all genres of film are shown, the selections being announced mid-April. The prestige attached to the festival comes not only from the diverse cinematic creations that have launched the careers of many great writers, directors, and actors, but is somewhat attached to the aura of glamour that surrounds the town.

The Festival is an apolitical no-man’s land, a microcosm of what the world would be like if people could make direct contact with one another and speak the same language – Jean Cocteau

This year, from 11th – 22nd May, enjoy the Cannes Film Festival  how it is meant to be experienced; hark back to the glamour of the golden-age of cinema and charter one of Imperial’s stunning yachts to moor up in Cannes harbour. Soak up the atmosphere of creation and art, enjoying the French Riviera at its very best.

Top 10 Things to Do in Cannes

1. Attend a Film Screening during the Festival
Tickets to premieres are hard to come by, but no screening epitomises the true nature of Cannes as much as catching a film at the Cinéma de la Plage; showing a different ‘classic Cannes Festival’ film every evening, enjoy a cooling breeze and the sound of waves gently lapping onto the beach, while reclining on a beach chair with your toes dipped in the sand. Have the Chief Stewardess and Chef prepare a luxurious beach picnic for the ultimate experience.

2. Follow in the wake of the celebrities
If the crowds from the Festival become a little much, cruise down the coast to nearby St. Tropez, a favoured anchorage of celebrities trying to ‘hide’ from the paparazzi, and enjoy lunch in one of the many incredible seaside restaurants.

3. Stroll down La Croisette Boulevard
The beating heart of Cannes; this is the main street in Cannes, filled with excellent bars and designer shops. Get lost in the excitable atmosphere during the Festival. You never know who you might bump into.

4. Explore ‘Old Cannes’
Before Hollywood took over, Cannes was another quaint, fishing village, whose history can still be felt when getting lost in the narrow, cobbled streets of Le Suquet. The old houses with their intricate doors and beautiful architecture is a welcome break from the hustle of the main streets. Keep walking up until you reach…

5.Musée de la Castré
Originally built during the C11th, this castle-turned-museum is interesting for those wanting to learn more about the history of the area, but a visit is worthwhile for the view of the town and harbour from the top of the tower, if you walk the 109 steps that is.

6.Visit the Man in the Iron Mask – Ile Ste. Marguérite
Just 10 minutes off-shore, cruise to the beautiful Ile Ste. Marguérite island, where you will be greeted by the fresh aromas of the Pine and Eucalyptus trees. At only 2 x 1 miles, this small islet is perfect for a morning stroll. Visit the Fort Royal, the old prison, in which the Man in the Iron Mask was chained from 1687 – 1697. His room is still preserved, and rumours still rife as to his identity. Argue over who you think it is during lunch in one of the beach restaurants before heading back across the bay.

7. Dance: Palais Club
This is the place to go during the Festival; this beachside club not only has a 1,500 sqm rooftop terrace, but attracts world-famous DJs, who entertain the very well-known faces in the crowd.

8. Eat: La Palme d’Or restaurant
It isn’t difficult to see where this restaurant took inspiration for its name from; surrounded by Palm Trees, through which the sun emits the gorgeous golden glow that bathes Cannes every summer, this is the only 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in Cannes. Serving intricate and inventive dishes inspired by local Mediterranean produce, head Chef Christian Sinicropi’s talents even extend to making the ceramics on which the food is served, having studied at Les Beaux Arts in Vallaurius along with his wife.

9. Drink: Le Bar l’Amiral
Set in the extremely luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel, this is the best Piano Bar in Cannes. It’s Art Deco interior evokes memories of the golden age of cinema, and indeed, those celebrities who regularly visit the bar have their names engraved on plaques attached to the bar by their favourite seat.

10. Hold your own Film Festival
On board M/Y Manifiq and M/Y RoMEA, it is possible to host your own screenings of your favourite films; decide whether you want a true cinematic experience on RoMEA in the upper lounge cinema, seated on luxurious sofas while watching on the big screen with the surround sound cinematic system truly immersing you in the action, or watch a movie al-fresco on both yachts, with outside screen and surround sound enhancing your favourite film, while having freshly made cinema snacks made by the chefs served at your chair.

Nowhere else you could live so perfectly the incredible atmosphere of Cannes. Hold your own Film Festival in the main cinema on board!