Like all leaders in our business, we have gone through a recent period where the yacht industry has been subjected to inquiries from some authorities, but over the past few months, Imperial Yachts has been targeted by numerous unfounded and inaccurate accusations following events that are unrelated to this family owned company and its services.

These events culminated today with the announcement of sanctions on our company by the United States government. The accusations made against us by the U.S. government and in the press are false. We will pursue all available legal remedies to resolve this matter promptly.

Imperial Yachts conducts all its businesses in full compliance with laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate. We are not involved in our clients’ financial affairs.

We are in the yacht building, management, sale and charter business. That is our focus and what we do. We started this company from nothing, and now, it appears that due to our success, we are unfortunately being targeted by those who would like to bring us down.

We look forward to settling all matters resulting from this turbulent time, as well as disproving the damaging smears made against our company. As always, our focus remains on living up to our established name as an international leader in providing the highest level of excellence for yacht sales, construction, management, and chartering.
Spokesperson for Imperial Yachts
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At your service - Chief Steward interview

At your service - Chief Steward interview


From managing the interior team to liaising with the galley for meal service, the Chief Steward shares his responsibilities when preparing for a busy charter season.


How long have you been in yachting, and how did you get started as a steward?
I have been in the yachting industry for over 18 years and used my hospitality background as a means to travel and see the world. My first role as a Service Steward was on a 100-metre yacht and I have mostly enjoyed long contracts on privately owned vessels.


What was your first yacht season like?
It was extremely rewarding to tackle a new challenge and learn about a completely new international industry. I worked harder than I had ever worked before but felt the new knowledge of languages, cultures, places were invaluable to me and I still find those aspects exciting and attractive.


What is your most important responsibility as a Chief Steward?
Managing the day-to-day needs of the crew, ensuring that they are happy, entertained, busy and mentally challenged which in turn will create a better experience for the guests during their important time on-board.


What is the difference between on-charter and off-charter responsibilities?
On-charter responsibilities are usually centered on great communication and desire to fulfil the guests’ needs, whereas off-charter responsibilities are usually faster-paced, more varied and involve more departments, contractors and suppliers. We work hard and use the short time between charters efficiently so that everything meets high standards for the guests' arrival.


How do you prepare yourself and the team for a busy charter season?
With a lot of exercise, rest, sunshine and family time.


Have you done any interior courses? How have they helped you?
I have undertaken many courses over my 25 years in hospitality, including a Diploma in Hospitality Management in Melbourne, Australia, which gave me the training to succeed in the interior department on yachts. I have also completed yacht training in medical courses, wine courses up to WSET 2, numerous butler and service courses, firefighting and safety courses.


What are the main essentials for prepping before a charter journey?
Having the cupboards stocked full with all of the preferred items that the guests inform us of. If the guest preference sheet is incomplete before their arrival, it can create issues for suppliers, unhappy guests and unpaid accounts.


What does the future look like for you?
Bright! Successful charter seasons create a motivated team, and I hope to be a part of it for a long time.

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