Being Sander Sinot

Being Sander Sinot


With his incredible background, you never would have imagined that he would become one of the most talented superyacht designers of his generation. Sander Sinot is a name that shines in the industry, the creative genius responsible for some true floating masterpieces like MUSASHI (Feadship 87.78m, 2011) and her sistership FOUNTAINHEAD. Recently behind the launch of AQUARIUS (Feadship 92m, 2016) LONIAN (Feadhip 87m, 2018) or the Pride Mega Yachts ILLUSION PLUS (88.5m) delivered in 2018, Sander Sinot and his company Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design are a formidable team. With more than 45 talented international designers, the company takes its inspiration from European modernism and Asian fusion minimalism. When we sat with Sander Sinot to compile this interview, he was in the midst of complex but fruitful negotiations with an Imperial client to build a very sleek, profiled superyacht. The kind of creation everybody remembers for both its interior and its and exterior. Teaming with Andrew Winch and built at Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany, the very first collaboration between the famous Dutch designer and Imperial has a name: Project BLACK SHARK, a stunning 77-metre superyacht as sharp as a shark’s tooth with distinctive black finish and very impressive interiors. We took this opportunity, before the contract was officially settled, to chat with Sander Sinot and learn more about him. Sharing his vision of the yachting industry and giving a few tips about his charter preferences, we invite you to see him from another angle, like all his creations.

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