Caribbean: 50 shades of Blue

The ideal Caribbean guide for the next Winter season

The Islands of the Caribbean are among some of the most beautiful anchorage spots in the world, worth travelling to even in order to experience the kaleidoscopic colours of the coastlines, the sun reflecting off the impossibly white sand of the sea-bed. Escape the Winter Blues this season, and head to the blue-waters of the Caribbean Islands on your own private floating island instead. To help you make the right choice in this paradisiac half-moon archipelagos for your next superyacht charter journey, we selected 3 destinations representing the epitome of refinement, luxury escape and caribbean spirit. Follow the guide!

For the perfect escape: cruise to Bahamas

The Bahamas, formed of 700 small islands, provide a plethora of stunning anchorage choices where it is not uncommon to moor off a deserted island, with sand so fine and so white you have to experience it to believe. The colour of the water is outstanding, quite literally crystal clear, the gentle gradation of fine blue deepening the further out to sea you go.

Try: Bonefishing off the island of South Andros, favourite pastime of Caribbean ‘castaway’ Ernest Hemingway, has been a popular local sport since the 1940s. More akin to hunting than fishing per se due to their incredible ability to use their silvery, and reflective, skin to their advantage against the light sea-bed, this is one adventure not to miss out on.

Eat: Graycliff Restaurant consistently wows diners with a mix of local Bahamian and Continental cuisine. Set in Colonial-style surroundings, with a wine cellar numbering over 250,000 bottles, enjoy freshly caught exotic fish topped off with a hand-rolled cigar.

Drink: Dune Bar has played host to the world’s sexiest celebrities, and even played a part in the James Bond film Casino Royale. Designed by famed French interior designer Christian Liaigre, do not pass up quaffing down signature drink The Dune while digging your toes into sand as fine as silk.

Visit: The Beaches of Exumas prove that pigs can indeed ‘fly’… albeit through the water while cooling off in the sea. The famous Swimming Pigs of Exumas is a sight definitely worth seeing while travelling in the Bahamas region.

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Feel the mix between opulent Caribbean way of life and American flavors, experience Bahamas!

For the Foodies: taste Anguilla

Although one of the smaller islands in the Central Caribbean, boho-chic Anguilla is celebrated worldwide for its dining possibilities, with over 100 multi-Michelin starred restaurants all celebrating the best in local and global cuisine.

Try: Horseback Riding along a deserted beach is high up on many a person’s bucket-list, and there is nowhere more beautiful to do this than along the beaches of Anguilla. Saddle up one of the beautiful local steeds and canter along the sand before treating both yourself and the horse to a cooling dip in the sea.

Eat: Straw Hat Restaurant, although a simple looking wooden building sat upon sea-drenched struts, is where you will experience some of the best Anguillan cuisine. The beauty of the setting is equalled by the quality of the food, with their famous Anguillan Crayfish and ginger vinaigrette highly recommended.

Drink: Rum Punch is the drink du jour on Anguilla, best experienced in the infinity pool of the Viceroy Anguilla, where you can get lost in the most beautiful sunsets on earth while being entertained by the smooth beats of famous local DJs.

Visit: Sandy Ground constitutes the island’s ‘strip’, where live music reigns supreme. Johnno’s Beach Stop is among the most famous, known best for the superb Sunday night jazz sessions, providing the perfect end to the week.

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From St Maarten to Nevis through St Kitts and Nevis, the archipelago of Leeward Islands is a wonder of mother nature.

For the Water Babies: charter British Virgin Islands

The 60 islands which make up the British Virgin Islands [BVI] provide unlimited opportunities to make the most of the warm Caribbean waters. Not only is it a favourite location for being above the water, but there are a myriad incredible diving locations. No wonder Richard Branson decided that the BVI were perfect to build his near-mythical resort on Necker Island.

Try: Wreck Diving the RMS Rhone is among one of the most magical diving experiences in the Caribbean. Built in 1865 in Cornwall, sinking but two years later, RMS Rhone provided not only the setting for 1977 classic The Deep, but many artefacts still litter the sea bed surrounding the wreckage. Colourful coral mixes with incredible sea-life, and the site is perfect for inexperienced and experienced divers alike.

Eat: Road Town on Tortola Island spoils visitors for choice when it comes to restaurants. The Sugar Mill is among one of the most atmospheric, tucked away into the jungle near Apple Bay, where nature intertwines with the old mill, giving a real ‘Paradise Lost’ feel. For more of a laid-back island-vibe, Island Roots is perfect for a light lunch of exquisite local produce before a day of adventuring.

Drink: Dove Restaurant and Wine Bar has one of the most extensive wine selections in the BVI. Possessing a certain old-world charm, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see pirates mixing with sugar merchants sat at the bar.

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Trendy destination in Caribbean, the BVI have more treasures to offer for charter lovers than you could expect!


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