A Spanish & Balearics Culinary Charter


It is no surprise that the Spanish coastlines and islands, with their vibrant colours and unmistakable Mediterranean charm, have inspired generations of travelers seeking to experience the indescribable essence of this stunning region. With ever encroaching modernity threatening to dissipate the traditional Spanish way of life, a mainstay of enduring traditionalism can be seen in the regional dishes of the country, little changed for many centuries. Take a yacht charter with a difference, and let your taste buds guide you round this fascinating country.

Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca)

Much more than a party destination, the beautiful Balearic Islands can offer the discerning traveler a wonderful gastronomical adventure. Taking advantage of their natural resources, the local specialties of the Islands are based upon their two traditional professions: fishing and farming.

Every February, Almond Blossoms bloom all over the islands, providing a light and delectable flavour used in many of the local dishes. Due to the high quantities of lime in the soil the vegetables grown on the islands are smaller than their mainland counterparts, but packed with flavour. These vegetables are often found as a topping on Coca, the Balearic flat bread, usually as an accompaniment to other local dishes such as the popular Spiny Lobster Stew, caught off the coast of Menorca. The Sobrasada Sausage is also a local delicacy, made from the black pigs that inhabit the islands and is often mixed with local red pepper.

Aramis (Palma, Mallorca)
A rustic yet charming restaurant, the local dishes served here are considered to be among the best on the island, which is why it consistently attracts celebrities and film stars wanting an authentic dining experience.

Cap Roig (Menorca)
A truly stunning setting with panoramic views of the sea, Cap Roig is one of the finest restaurants on the island for sea food, unsurprising given its location.

Aura (Ibiza)
An alluring and exotic setting, Aura restaurant is one of the most popular places to be seen on the island. Her exquisite menu of locally sourced produce, and her extensive wine and cocktail list, is an experience not to be missed. It is no wonder the visiting world-class DJs and celebrities choose to dine here.

The Catalonia Region and Barcelona

The epicenter of Spanish gastronomy, Barcelona’s coastline is a mecca for anyone who enjoys Spanish cuisine. Famed for its ‘May Y Mantagna’ (Sea and Mountain) style dishes – much alike a ‘Surf and Turf’ – the geography of the region allows for a variety of beautiful local produce to be used in dishes such as Escalivada (grilled vegetables), Butifarra (spiced sausage), and Suquet de Peix (seafood stew).

Moor at the exclusive OneOcean Club and dine in their exquisite restaurant, or head along the coast to the famous Mamarosa Beach restaurant, offering wonderful views along the coast.

Along the coast, the sunny Valencia, famed as the home of ‘Paella’ – a Valencian word for the ‘large pan’ in which the Paella is cooked – and known also as the ‘Orange Blossom Coast’ due to the beautifully flavoursome oranges that grow there – a visit to the Port and old town would not be complete without trying local delicacies such as Arròs Negre (rice with squid cooked in the squid’s ink), or Salted Fish. There is a quick route from the Port to Menorca, where the old town of Mahon is a must visit during any Spanish charter.

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