Since the beginning of 2020, the world has put a spotlight on health concerns. All industries have been affected and the yachting industry was not left behind.
Our Head of Charter had the chance to give a speech during Robb Report – Best of the Best 2020 in Russia. She gave her expert opinion on the challenges we are facing this year: from the influence of the pandemic on the superyacht charter market; to the changes it brought to the geography of travel along with the safety rules on board our superyachts.

Broker’s Insight – Focus on the charter market

During the months of April and May, the demand for superyacht charters dropped by a significant 40% due to the global pandemic. It was challenging to determine which borders would open and which countries would be available to explore for charter. Therefore, clients were left indecisive. By late June, it was concluded that charter was possible for those within Europe or had the authority to travel there. The number of interest and requests spiked and we have been working non-stop. Now reaching the autumn months, the demand has no declined. Clients either are booking for September and October or even within the next couple of days after making the request. In comparison to previous years, the number of requests remain the same however; clients would normally start planning around February for their summer charters. Now, requests continue to persist.

At Imperial, we have been ensuring clients a clinically clean vessel for more than ten years and will continue to implement our vigorous methods to monitor the health state of our captain and crew as well as to sanitise and confine the vessel between each charter and visit. Imperial offers a service than can provide a temporary sanctuary for those who wish to stay in isolation and eliminate any experience with the public. A staggering 45% of our clients have used our charter fleet as a safe haven. This uncertain period pushed Imperial’s capacities and we have planned to stay ahead by implementing new procedures and policies such as masks, gloves, frequent COVID-19 testing and air purification systems. Moreover, the Charter Department has carefully selected safe destinations to suggest to guests. The team are determined to create an enjoyable itinerary whilst still keeping a healthy environment for charter guests.

In correlation to the global pandemic, we must not underestimate the economic difficulties and market fluctuations during this time of uncertainty. Taking into account the effects this situation had on the financial economy, we found that some clients asked for discounts up to 10% on their charter rate. It was possible to get an appealing deal if the prior guest cancelled with short notice, the discount could go up to 30%. We have redirected our commercial strategy to be aligned with the current economic situation to stay ahead of the demands of our clients.


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