Food with flair: meet ASTRA's Chefs


Everybody knows this fact: nothing is more important on charter than the food. ASTRA is spoilt by two highly experienced and talented chefs, each with extensive repertoires of cuisines: Tony Maloy worked alongside world-renowned chefs Jamie Oliver and Ruth Rogers at famed restaurant The River Café in London, later spending 9 years cooking his way round Italy. Michael Balbi brings his highly detailed approach to flavor combinations and two decades’ worth of experience to ASTRA from his own award-winning restaurant in Devon. Let’s introduce their art!

This galley team are able to produce exquisite concoctions; freshly sourced produce mixed with a contemporary style, and dishes that exude a plethora of flavours. Creating dishes complex with incredible flavor fusions, this is no more obvious than when taking advantage of the Teppan-yaki grill on the sun deck of ASTRA, proving her yet again to be the perfect charter yacht for both summer and winter cruising seasons.

鉄板焼きTeppan-yaki – literally, ‘iron plate – grilled’, is a wonderfully theatrical way of cooking, made famous by Japanese restaurant ‘Misono’ in the 1940s. Requiring nothing more than a large hot plate and a highly skilled chef, it is no wonder that the Teppan-yaki grill on board M/Y Astra has proved extremely popular with her charter guests.
“With the grill up on the sundeck, it provides guests with the opportunity to watch their meal being cooked with a bit of flair, while also being able to look out upon some incredible views.”  ASTRA Head Chef

Usually prepared behind the closed doors of the galley, cooking on the Teppan-yaki grill targets all five senses of the guests: the sizzling sound of the food on the hot plate; the sight of chef’s theatrical flipping, and touch of the food if you’re quick enough to catch it; the enticing smell of fresh food being cooked right under your nose; and most importantly, the taste.

When asked why the owner of ASTRA decided to place a Teppan-yaki grill up on the sun deck, the Head Chef replied, “it provides guests with a whole new dining experience. It is the perfect cuisine when cruising during the summer months; it is very clean and healthy, and the fresh, local, seasonal produce provides the perfect base for the incredible flavours you can achieve with this style of cooking.”

The spectacle of watching a highly skilled chef expertly preparing and cooking your meal in front of you is a form of entertainment in itself, not least because it is being done on a superyacht. It allows for a more creative approach to cooking, with the chefs being able to vary the types of cuisine prepared on the hot plate; from teriyaki kobi beef, to Japanese style chicken, marinated vegetables and freshly caught fish, the Teppan-yaki grill on ASTRA is sure to please and entice this summer. Creative and talented, we are delighted to propose you in the slideshow below a tasty overview of exclusive meals waiting for you on board ASTRA.


ASTRA’s Chefs are waiting for experienced as “new to charter” guests to spend exclusive culinary moments and improve your tastes. Get ready for an unique superyacht charter moment, and book now your next summer holidays.

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There are few superyachts for charter like ASTRA on the market, start your next journey on board one of the most acclaimed vessel in her range.