Magnificent Porto Cervo


Located in Sardinia, at the southern and eastern shore of the natural port, Porto Cervo was created in the 60s by wealthy investors, including the famous Prince Aga Khan, before being reorganized by a talented team of architects and landscape designers. With luxury 5-star hotels facing azure waters, fine-dining places and exclusive nightlife available in such close proximity, Porto Cervo is a sublime charter destination for luxury lovers; there is something to please everyone – from the dare devil water sports fans and party enthusiast, to the more refined couple mooring their yacht before dinner.

Porto Cervo still manages to combine glamour with a laid-back attitude in a way that’s uniquely Italian and perpetually fascinating. With the aquamarine waters of the spectacular coastline of Sardinia, golf courses, yacht clubs, various and refined alfresco restaurants and bars, Porto Cervo is able to cater to those who want to see and be seen. Here, we have combined for you everything you must see or taste in this Sardinian jewel, where every bit is as beautiful as the people.

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Top places to discover in Porto Cervo and close surroundings

Maddalena Archipelago
We couldn’t start with anything else other than the crowning jewel of this part of the Mediterranean. Located just a few nautical miles north of Porto Cervo, Maddalena Archipelago is a group of islands off Sardinia’s chic Costa Smeralda, named a national park in 1996. Only a handful of the archipelago’s 60 islands are inhabited, and the largest island, Maddalena, is a protected area where wild juniper, myrtle and heather thrive. A bridge links Maddalena to Caprera, the other main island. The Italian freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi lived on Caprera for decades after his retirement; his white house is now a museum you can visit for a step back in time.

La Piazzetta
The famous Piazzetta crossing Porto Cervo is composed of small streets that wind through the centre of town, offering to fashionistas boutiques and jewellers of the most prestigious names. The architecture reflects the typical structures of “Gallura” and the seemingly simple buildings conceal some of the areas finest hotels and high net worth villas. During your stay, a “passegiatta” (or stroll through the streets, in Italian) is a compulsory past time.

Pevero Golf Club
Pevero Golf Club offers one of the most beautiful courses in the world for its impressive and unforgettable panorama, mixing sandy beaches, impressive cliffs, and crystal waters. With 18 holes and a par of 72, it is renowned as being technically demanding for even the most experienced golfer. A relaxing stop everyone should add their Porto Cervo bucket list is a visit to the highly-rated Spiaggia di Pevero, known for her incredible position!

Spiaggia del Principe
So called because it was supposedly Prince Aga Khan’s favourite beach, Principe Beach (or Spiaggia del Principe, in Italian), definitely belongs to the list of best beaches of Costa Smeralda. Located near Cala di Volpe (a few strokes away from the Porto Cervo marina), it is just south of Romazzino beach. From the sea you will reach a white sandy beach with its lovely clear water with its changing hues of turquoise. A visit to Spiaggia del Principe is a must. Avoid the August crowds by travelling earlier in the summer.

Stella Maris Church
This stunning traditional Sardinian church positioned high above the marina, Stella Maris provides an incredible vantage point for some of the town’s most spectacular views. Ideal by twilight for its unrivaled view of the Sardinian sunset, this historical place remains a must-see!

Il Pescatore Restaurant
One of the most notorious places in the region that you simply can’t miss during your charter journey to Porto Cervo, Il Pescatore has earned itself a notable reputation for serving superb seafood in a location that offers stunning views of the port. A Costa Smeralda icon, the restaurant has been established as long as the port itself, and provides guests with a comfortable environment while taking them on a journey of culinary wonderment. Specialties include the lobster risotto and the saddle of lamb with herbs, cardoon honey, and sautéed plums.

Spiaggia di Capriccioli
Capriccioli beach is held dear in the heart of all Sardinians, located 1.5 kilometers south-west of the famous Spiaggia del Principe. This rather small beach (200 meters2) is surrounded by an abundance of lush Mediterranean greenery, with olive and pine trees, divided into two parts by enormous granite rocks. It offers beautiful views of the island of Mortorio, Soffi and Le Camere. If your Sardinian stay is a short one, make sure you visit Capriccioli.

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