Meet Parth Bhatt, MANIFIQ's Chef


Well-known in the superyacht charter industry, MANIFIQ now boasts a highly talented, multilingual Chef. Parth Bhatt began his culinary career training under classical French chefs, later working alongside world-renowned chefs Marcus Waering, Juan Carlo, and Heston Blumenthal during a short stint at The Fat Duck Restaurant. We met him for a culinary and delicious interview.

Now delighting guests on board MANIFIQ with his trade-mark light and modern dishes, he takes great pride in constantly striving to produce dishes that reflect the cruising area in order to enhance the charter experience. He is passionate about exploring new areas, discovering local ingredients, and then creating dishes influenced by the regions.

Parth’s Indian heritage is a big driving force in his creations, and he is always focused on using quality ingredients. The talented Chef boasts an extraordinarily large repertoire of cuisines, focused on providing guests with wholesome, healthy dishes with intense flavor profiles. Parth’s fresh pastry desserts are a particular favourite among guests, driven by flavor, ensuring that the food is remembered as one of the best parts of the charter experience on board MANIFIQ.


Imperial: How has your Indian heritage influenced your cooking?
Parth Bhatt: I hail from the western part of India (Gujarat). I grew up eating vegetarian/vegan food. It was only when I turned 14 that I actually ate meat for the first time. I grew up eating typical Gujarati food, full of flavoursome spices. I use these childhood memories in conjunction with the more classical training I received in England to create the complex flavour combinations that form the basis of all my dishes.

IY: What is your favourite thing to cook on board?
PB: Working on board a superyacht and spending time in various ports all over the world allows for me to have access to the freshest seafood, and although I enjoy creating intricate dishes, there is nothing more satisfying than simply cooking a wonderful piece of fresh fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea along with some fresh, local vegetables.

IY: Tell us more about your training in classical French cuisine, and the influence working under Marcus Waering, Juan Carlo, and Heston Blumenthal has had upon you. Do you have any favourite dishes that they taught you?
PB: Training in classic French cuisine was heavily based on respect for the produce, which is paramount to this day in every good kitchen. The better the produce – the less work it needs. In one way or the other, all of the chefs I have worked under have taught me to respect the ingredients. Seasonality has to dictate the menu without fail, and keep questioning the science of cookery.
One of my favourite things I learned at the Fat Duck was Foie Gras parfait, which to this day is my favourite indulgence food to spread over a piece of toast and enjoy. This also goes down well with the guests after a long day out on the water.

IY: How does being at sea affect your work in the galley?
PB: Being at sea is most definitely a different environment to cooking in a restaurant kitchen. I feel lucky to have a very well equipped galley on MANIFIQ. Being at sea pushes a chef to be more organised and creative with regards to provisioning.

IY: What can guests expect from the food produced on board MANIFIQ?
PB: Guests can expect delicate, healthy, and wholesome dishes, using the finest produce available at our disposal, courtesy of wonderful Mediterranean climate, cooked and delivered with utmost attention and care.

IY: Last question: what would your ideal menu be present to VIP guests on board MANIFIQ?
PB: A well balanced menu consisting of local produce like Violetta, Carrot & Coconut, Black garlic as starters, following with Turbot, Ratatouille, Frisse, Mustard Vinaigrette for fish and Loin of Veal, Kohlrabi, Endive, Compressed Apples and Pears, Bluecheese Vinaigerette for main course; and Macerated Strawberries, Tonka bean Pave, Strawberry Ice-cream, Strawberry tuille for dessert.

MANIFIQ is available for memorable family charters in South of France this summer 2016, and Chef Parth Bhatt knows how to delight parents and children with healthy, fresh recipes. Contact now our Imperial Charter Department to create your next charter journey on board:

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Renowned in her range, family-oriented, MANIFIQ is the ideal 40-meter superyacht for your next French Riviera journey.