A summer along the Turkish Riviera

Expansive cruising grounds and absolute tranquility

The new superyacht charter trends takes in two words: Turkish Riviera. Nestled in East Mediterranean, slowly becoming the new “hit” place, with its expansive cruising grounds full of isolated places, absolutely calm beaches and secluded anchorages, the Turquoise Coast (the second name of the Turkish Riviera) is a must-do in your summer Mediterranean journey. With its rich Antique history interspersed with Greek, Persian and Oriental influences, the region is the favorite spot to run away from the overcrowded French Riviera. Loaded of hidden gems to be discovered, offering a very large charter window between May and October, its water quality is among some of the best in the Mediterranean, guaranteed jellyfish-free.

Did you ever hear about buzzy places Gocek, Antalya, Marmaris? The Turkish Riviera is also fast gaining a reputation as one of the best places to party in the Mediterranean. The last few years have seen an explosion of fine dining establishments on the Turquoise Coast too, connoisseurs will be delighted to experience new tastes from the exquisite Turkish cuisine. Perfect mix between traditional way of life and modern lifestyle, the cities bordering the Turkish Riviera have adapted themselves to the trend, becoming the best places for relax and retreat before going deeper in your exploration of the region. Diving addict? The 200 km of coast host a wealth of diving sites with caves, wrecks, canyons, and walls. The rich underwater ecosystems are among the most interesting of this part of Mediterranean.

Saying this, why the Turkish Riviera should be on your bucket list? From her rich past to the impressive landscapes, through the fantastic culinary tradition, we have interviewed our experienced Captains to understand why they recommend to explore the region this Summer. Fitting both family charter journey or more active holidays with friends, the Turquoise Coast has everything to suit any demanding guests: diving spots, endless white sand beaches, intense nightlife. Read the review below, and let our Imperial Charter team organise your journey on site.


Imperial: What makes the East Mediterranean waters , and the Turkish Riviera, so special for a charter experience?
IY Captains: The Eastern Mediterranean has favourable cruising conditions which persist for longer than most of the Central and Western Med. This means you can enjoy warm cruising weather from late April, early May to as late as October-November before the temperatures get too cool. Also, the clean uncluttered coastlines in the south part of the region make for peaceful relaxation, away from the crowded spots Like the Cote d’Azur and parts of Italy. We feel this sensation especially along the Turquoise Coast: it’s becoming a trendy destination since the past few years, but still preserved from mass-tourism and ideal for yacht holidays.

IY: How does it feel to cruise the Turkish waters?
C: The feeling is one of serenity. Often one finds themselves imagining they are in a time when nature was untouched, before the coastline was developed in any way by mankind. The impressive number of secluded areas, between sea and mountains, is unrivaled. We also appreciate the quality of its diving spots and the richness of the underwater life, the brightness of the waters is incomparable.

IY: What is the most unforgettable landscape you have in mind, that perfectly describe Turkey and more generally the Turkish Riviera?
C: The seemingly endless tree-covered hills, interrupted every now and again by dramatic rocky cliffs and outcrops. The absence of crowds and hotels is what truly brings on the relaxed atmosphere, especially in the Gocek area and the surrounding bays. Turkey has this cultural mix between Eastern and Western tradition which needs to be experienced once in a lifetime. The combination between ancient heritage and modern traditions is unique, proper to the country.

IY: On a culinary side, what are the best dishes that describe this?
C: The markets are a great place to wander and soak up the vibrant local energy. There’s a decent selection of food items to try and even experience delicacies on-the-spot, cooked while you wait. The Turkish people can never be accused of lacking passion for their food! Think about a Turkish mezze platter with a glass of their local Marmaran white wine while anchored in a glassy-smooth bay: nothing more appealing than this! Sea food is fantastic, the abundance of fruits and vegetables too. Tastes are really surprised thanks to this mix of Oriental and more Occidental flavors, but nothing worth more than trying it locally, losing yourself in the colorful streets.

IY: What is your top 5 places to visit around Turkey? And if you have to choose only one place to show your guest, which one would it be?
C: We can’t start it without placing Gocek at position number 1. This would be an absolute must-see selection of bays to “get away from it all”. After this, there are many lovely spots like Marmaris, a great area for a dinner ashore and some nightlife for the most trendy of the guests. The small sea side town called Bozburun is also to add to the Turkish Riviera experience. A very nice spot for water sports and calm water, ideal to chill with your family or enjoy some full-energy moments. Out of the sea side, the Dalyan River estuary can”t be missed: an exploration is highly advised by private tour boat to see the cliff tombs, heritage of the unique antique history of the region. At last, we can close this selection without talking about Bodrum, to experience some historic tours and walks, and give a cultural sense to your charter journey.
One of the top place that should be in all Turkish Riviera bucket list is undoubtedly Olu Deniz and its endless white sans beaches. A fantastic place to experience any kind of sports experience, especially paragliding. From the sky, the panorama is pretty awesome and unique on earth!

IY: What would you say to someone who is considering a charter on the Turkish Riviera waters?
C: Don’t be afraid of a late summer trip, after the heat and bustle of the mid-summer months has settled down. It’s during this time that you really feel like you have the coats to yourself, and clearly re-energize yourself for the entire year.

Accustomed of the Turkish Riviera and boasting an extensive knowledge of the region, LEGENDA is the perfect charter yacht for your journey on site.

Ready to learn more? Discover our Turkish Riviera charter itinerary here.


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