Charter: Top 10 Locations for Adrenaline Seekers


Summer is rapidly approaching all along the Mediterranean coasts, and now is the time to start planning what activities you wish to enjoy with your family and friends on your exclusive charter journey. Imperial is therefore delighted to announce our very first selection of “Top 10 things to do”, where you will find our suggestions for places to visit that are slightly off the beaten-track. Chartering one of our magnificent yachts as a base, allow this freedom of travel to transport you to some of the world’s most beautiful, interesting, and romantic locations.

1. Bungee Jump the Corinth Canal, Greece
Sailing through the Corinth Canal is a dramatic experience at the best of times; relying on the expertise of the Captain and pilot boat to carefully steer through the narrow, 21m wide pass, the sheer cliffs on either side make this one of the most impressive and thrilling, albeit it short, jaunts through Greece. There is a way of making it even more sensational, however, and that is to bungee jump off the bridge at the entrance of the canal. This is the only way to experience this magnificent feat of engineering. Walk out to the edge of the bridge, marvel in the sight that lies before you, and JUMP.

2. Paraglide over Monaco for the best aerial view of your yacht
Get the best view of your yacht, by paragliding over it. Leap from the top of Roquebrune and gracefully glide over the azure waters of Monaco. Get the true Alpes Maritimes experience by floating between mountain and sea. Wave to your yacht below as you spot sights such as the Casino and Oceanographic Museum, before arriving at your beachside restaurant for lunch á la James Bond.

3. Go Canyoning in the crystal clear waters of Bavella Canyon, Corsica
Navigate your way through a stony labyrinth by hurling yourself down the natural waterslides of the smooth rocks of the Bavella Canyon in Corsica, and splash into the beautiful mountain waters. Abseil down waterfalls and leap into deep pools of fresh water while surrounded by stunning forest. Climb the
massive boulders and zipline to the next. Look forward to the masseuse on your yacht at the end of it.

4. Mountain Bike down Mt. Etna Volcano, Sicily
What’s one of the quickest ways to escape Europe’s highest, active volcano? Mountain bike down the side of it. Explore the vast crater and marvel at the different surface textures from previous eruptions. Gaze down at the beauty (and safety!) of the coast before hurtling down the side, and ride into one of the many beautiful villages at the bottom to reward yourself with an ice-cold glass of Limoncello.

5. White Water Raft the Pinios River, in the foothills of the Gods at the base of Mt. Olympus, Greece [Near Chalkidiki] 
Channel your inner Hercules and tackle the fast-moving waters of the Pinios River, running at the base of the famed home of the Gods, Mount Olympus. Leaving the peaceful beaches of neighbouring Chalkidiki behind, head across the bay to the beautiful village of the Ambelakia Village above the Tempi Valley, from where you can access the Vernezi stretch of the Pinios, one of the most beautiful and challenging raft runs in Greece.

6. Abseil the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Arrive on the main streets of Dubrovnik in style, by abseiling over the edge of its Mediaeval walls! This beautiful old town, filled with wonderful restaurants and bars, is set right on the Dalmatian Coast, making it a perfect hop from neighbouring Montenegro. Why wait to get through the main entrance into the town when you can take the shortcut over the walls?

7. Wreck Dive the Zenobia in Cyprus in amongst Dolphins and Barracuda 
Known as the ‘Titanic of the Med’, the Zenobia Wreck Dive in Cyprus is considered as one of the best in the World. Sinking on her maiden voyage as a passenger ferry linking Sweden to Syria, luckily with no casualties, the wreck lies just off the Larnaca coast in Cyprus. Lying 18-42m down in the warm turquoise waters of the Eastern Med, she is a perfect dive site for both beginner and advanced divers. With her cargo of cars and lorries still on board, there is plenty to explore. A plethora of sea life, such as Moray Eels, Barracudas, and Dolphins, now call this wreck home, and adds to the excitement of this dive.

8. Skydive over the vast ancient ruins of Ephesus, Turkey
The ancient Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, whose columns are all that remain, was considered one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. Escape the crowds and the heat of walking round the vast archaeological site, by skydiving over it. Gain an overview of the ginormous scale of the ancient city as you descend, and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding countryside and modern city of Efes. However, a visit – on the ground -, is highly recommended to see the beautiful architecture and sculpture up close.

9. Explore underground chambers by Caving in Modric Cave, Croatia
Delve underground and discover one of Europe’s most beautiful Caves. As you squeeze your way through rocky openings and climb further underground, be amazed by the cathedral sized caverns that open up in front of you. The stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the chambers of the cave are truly dramatic, and well worth getting off your yacht for.

10. Ice-climb the incredibly dramatic Lofoten Islands, Norway
Chartering in Europe doesn’t have to be restricted to the summer season. The Fjords of Norway is one of the most dramatic places on earth, and for those who are extra adventurous, there is no better way of exploring them than by ice-climbing in the Lofoten Islands. Although the mountains aren’t that high (the highest peak being c.1161m), they do dramatically rise out of the sea, truly highlighting the magnificence of nature.

All these exclusive locations and more are available for charter through Imperial: feel free to contact our Charter Department to build your perfect yacht charter journey.

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