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The month of April has, since ancient times, been known as the month of Aphrodite (Venus), goddess of love and desire. The sun starts to shine a little brighter, flowers begin to wake up from the winter, and the Mediterranean climate becomes ideal for early summer cruising. We have therefore come up with our Top 10 Places to Propose this April, visiting romantic spots throughout Mediterranean area in which to pop the question.

1. On the balcony of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap d’Ail, French Riviera
Constructed for the Baroness de Rothschild in the early C20th, the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild overlooks both the bay of Villefranche and Beaulieu, giving her one of the most beautiful settings in the French Riviera. The Villa is filled with sublime antique furniture, Old Master Paintings, and stunning Porcelain, but her true crowning beauty are the magnificently sculpted gardens, which are best viewed from the upper balcony.

2. Listen to Opera in the ancient Odeon at the base of the Acropolis in Athens
The ancient Herodes Atticus Odeon, built at the base of the Acropolis by the Romans in 2AD, regularly hosts Operatic festivals and reproductions of ancient Greek drama. While sitting through tragedies such as Oedipus Rex or the Medea may not inspire the well-meaning Eros to appear, listening to Opera in the beautiful acoustic setting of this ancient theatre, with the lit up Parthenon acting as backdrop, there really is no place more atmospheric to propose in Athens than here.

3. To the stunning backdrop of the white-washed villas of Santorini
Considered by many to be the ‘Atlantis’ in Plato’s Republic, the Greek island of Santorini has one of the most beautiful approaches in the Mediterranean. Her famed white-washed houses with their blue roofs and window sills highlight her craggy peak, formed from the ancient volcano of Thera, who turned the island into Greece’s very own Pompeii c.1627 BC. Anchor off Ormos bay for the best view of the island, and for a truly magnificent setting.

4. Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal
From the technicolour castle to the enchanting forest, exploring Sintra is like walking into your very own Disney film. The walls of the Moorish castle are reminiscent of the Great Wall of China, looking out across the vast countryside, and the lakes, set deep in the forest, are equally as impressive as they are mystical. The centuries-old Quinta da Regaleira, a palace once owned by wealthy merchants from nearby Porto, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses many impressive architectural elements, and magical gardens full of hidden grottos.

5. Stroll along the harbour in Kotor, Montenegro
This beautiful coastal town in Montenegro is fast becoming a favoured charter destination due to its quaint town and stunning setting. With its fortifications dating back to the Venetian period, and surrounded by limestone mountains, a midnight stroll through the harbour is simply magical.

6. Watch the mini-eruptions of Stromboli Island at night
The epitome of ‘dramatic’, Stromboli is considered to be the most beautiful out of the Aeolian islands. Called the ‘Lighthouse of the Mediterranean’ by the Romans, the island is actually an active volcano, the only in Europe to remain continuously so (lending its name to the geological phenomenon of the ‘Strombolian Eruption’).

7. Be surrounded by the vibrant lavender fields of Provence, France
From June – August every year in the regions of Sault and Valréas, the lavender fields of Provence burst to life with enticing aromas and the most spectacular hues of purple. Surrounded by the famed Provencal towns, with their light stoned walls narrow winding streets, this is French romanticism at its best.

8. Stand on the heart-shaped columns of the ancient Temple of Aphrodite, Kalkan, Turkey
A little known about site, set in the beautiful Xanthos Valley on the southern coast of Turkey, is the ancient site of Pinara; this once great Lycian town not only hosts fascinating tombs hewn into the rock, but trek up a little further, through the lush green forest, and you will happen upon a series of columns, all of which are carved in the shape of a heart, and once formed the base of the temple of Aphrodite. The view down to the bay is gorgeous, as is the town of Kalkan that lies at the bottom.

9. Travel to another world in the Blue Caves of Corsica
Cruising through the Straights of Bonifacio, that relatively narrow stretch that separates Corsica from Sardinia, many small inlets and caves can be seen along the coastline. Venture in by tender, and a magical world of caves filled with sublimely blue waters open up. The reflections from the water illuminate the ceiling, animating the cave in spectacular fashion, which will also enhance the sparkle of a diamond engagement ring…

10. Stand atop the most elegant and ethereal bridge in Venice
Escape the crowds and propose under the moonlight on the only bridge in Venice without a parapet, giving you a sense of what Venice was like before the giant stone walls were erected on the bridges to stop duelling partners pushing each other in the canal. The Ponte Chiodo, near the Palazzo Chiodo, is found down a side canal away from tourists, and is ideal for that perfect engagement photo.

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