Designer's Perspective – Reymond Langton

Designer's Perspective – Reymond Langton


In conversation with superyacht design duo Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton. 

With expertise in creating an extraordinary array of superyacht interior styles and exterior lines, the studio has also collaborated with leading shipyards. Discover what is currently on their drawing boards, an out of this world travel bucket list and the boat they would design for themselves. 

How did Reymond Langton originally form?
Andrew Langton: Reymond Langton Design was founded in 2001. We gained over twenty years of experience within the superyacht industry, working with Donald Starkey and Tony Castro. Within a year of setting up our studio,  we had two new-build contracts underway. 

What was your first superyacht project and what were the challenges?
AL:  It took us eight months to land our first project. 
Pascale Reymond:  It was not easy at the beginning; there was a bit of naivety, however, that gave us the courage needed to enter the market. We were very tenacious, and suddenly it happened overnight. 
AL:  We signed two contracts at the same time. One was an upcoming shipyard in Spain. We did a 42-metre yacht for a local man in Seville. The biggest challenge was that they never built yachts before. We had to control and monitor the quality of the exterior and engineering. The other was an Abeking & Rasmussen, which we previously worked with whilst at Donald Starkey. We really had to prove our capabilities that we can do the job and deliver results.

What is Reymond Langton currently working on?
AL:  We delivered seven superyachts in the last eighteen months! We currently have six in construction. There is a 125-metre Lürssen for a repeated client, 105-metre Oceanco, 60-metre Amels, two 50 metre Heesen yachts, 42-metre Conrad and also completing the refit of JUBILEE (110-metre, Oceanco). 
PR:  As you can tell, we have a wide range of sizes and shipyards we work with. Our average size is around 100 metres. 

Does your studio have a signature design style or colour?
PR:  We are recognisable by the way we work. Our strong attention to details and methodology in design is our signature. We provide clients consistency in the way we deliver our projects. I would not say we have a significant style or colour because we like to be challenged by the client to do different things. 
AL:  It makes it more interesting to do different things or something we have never done before. It is how we learn, progress and expand our knowledge.

If you could design a boat for yourself, what would it be and why?
AL:  I would design either a super modern sleek sailboat or a crazy alternative hydrofoil boat. With hydrofoils, you are flying. You can make it look like anything and really think out of the box.  
PR:  I am a bit of a romantic and nostalgic, I would design myself a mini Savarona yacht inspired by the 1920s contrasted by a contemporary interior. 

Travel is a big part of this industry; can you share your favourite destinations?
PR:  Somewhere between the sea and mountains. I was born in Brittany, so I have always been drawn to the ocean. The other place is the alps. Cycling around the mountains and taking in the sceneries. We are currently in our tiny beach hut, also known as a “cabanon”. It is on the sand and just 2 metres from the water. It is a very peaceful and zen place to be. 
AL:  We go to Venice and spend time there, and of course the South of France. I would also like to rediscover Asia and their culture, such as Cambodia. It has white sandy beaches to jungle villages. Plenty to explore! 
PR:  However sometimes you do not have to go so far, the treasure is around you.  We went all the way to New Zealand but it reminded me of Saint-Malo in  Brittany. Europe has so much to offer. 

Which destinations are on your bucket list?
PR:  I have always dreamt of going to Space. It would be a surreal and extreme experience, especially to see Earth from Space. We only have one life so we should live it to the fullest. 
AL:  I would love to sail around Tahiti and the French Polynesian Islands in the South pacific. It looks so unbelievably beautiful and so remote; I have to go there one day!

Where is your favourite area onboard? 
AL:  It depends on the size of the vessel; on a larger yacht, we are always drawn to be by the water however it is not that private. I would choose the bow as that is where you can enjoy the incredible views undisturbed. 

What are you currently interested in and how is it feeding into your designs?
AL:  We are inspired by automotive design and this has translated onto our drawing board. LADY LARA (91-metre, Lürssen) is an example of a vessel that has lots of form in structure and sculpture in the design. Plenty of vessels are designed in 2D however we like to create in 3D – as you would in car design. 
PR:  I like the balance of having large windows to show off the incredible view but at the same time feeling very intimate and cosy within the interior space. This is a very interesting development to integrate into the design of a superyacht. 

Have there been any significant technological innovations that allowed for more bespoke designs?
AL  Yes, a hybrid single-tiered engine room, which we incorporated on BRAVO EUGENIA (109-metre, Oceanco). It allows the designer more space to work with and flexibility on the interior layout. This will become more prevalent in the future as clients want more room on the lower deck. We will be able to connect guest areas straight to the beach club. 
PR  The size of glass windows can be achieved without mullions. This opens up the interior to its environment. Glass is a big evolution in technology and most shipyards were not receptive to this change. However, they have now embraced designing larger windows. We are currently working on a project where we installed huge glass windows on the hull structure. It creates an incredible impression when you walk into the area. 

How has the superyacht trends changed over the past decade?
AL  We found that clients want to spend more time on board, which means it will change the way superyachts are designed in the future. It will be more autonomous and longer range. We will incorporate more features from the outside world to fit their day-to-day life. On LADY S (93-metre, Feadship) we put in a 201-inch folding television that comes out of the deck by the pool. Or possibly a real-life snow room, where the client has fresh beautiful snow. 

What would you say are the three most important principles of design?
AL:  Balance, proportion and emphasis. 
PR:  Perspective, as you go from one room to another. It is also important to make some spaces bigger or more intimate. Good planning will give you a better structure on the layout. Last but not least, I would say the same – proportion. 

What has been the biggest influence on your work to date?
PR:  Our clients are our main inspiration and influence. We are fortunate enough to have very interesting clients that push our boundaries and stimulate our creativity.  For example, the Owner of AVIVA (98.4-metre, Abeking & Rasmussen) asked us to fit a tennis court in his superyacht. Our clients force us to think differently which we enjoy.  It enables us to create clever and unique designs. We like to approach our projects with open ears and minds. If you have an “I know” attitude, you will never learn and develop your skills.  

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