Discover the underwater world onboard LANA

Discover the underwater world onboard LANA


In conversation with LANA's Dive master

Access the most beautiful and remote marine destinations on the planet on-board LANA. Today, we sat down with the Benetti 107m dive instructor to discuss his favourite tropical dive sites.

Discover another world beneath the dazzling waters: home to coral reefs, and extraordinary marine life: there you will find friendly sea creatures and interesting underwater encounters.


How would you describe a typical day in the life of a dive master on-board LANA?
Dive master: If I am diving for the day with guests then my day is packed with gear preparation, safety talks and guest familiarisation. I make sure to have planned the most exciting location for the dive, from all the dive spots available!
We plan the day around the guests: what kind of diving they would like to do and what they hope to see. If they wanted coral reefs, I scout for them in advance and find the best option to accommodate their wishes and expectations. If they want to see a shipwreck, I will find it in the area.
At the end of the day, we tailor the dive to give the guests the best experience. Everything is organised in line with the highest safety precautions so that they have the best experience without any worry.


What itinerary would you recommend to discover the seabed?
DM: There are so many great dive spots around the world and each of them offers something different. Diving is best in warm tropical waters where it is comfortable with a great deal of varied wildlife. Places like Thailand, the Philippines, Fiji, Australia, Maldives and  Egypt are all great choices. The Galapagos is well known for being the best dive spot in the world. This is the place for seeing wildlife like whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, turtles, lizards, a wealth of tropical fish, whales, stingrays and more.


What are the top locations to dive during a summer charter?
DM: Since summer charters often take place around the Mediterranean, some great spots would include Malta, Croatia, Cyprus and Turkey. The water is warm and each place has many dive sites. Coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks and plane wrecks are super exciting to discover.


What kind of diving/water toys adventure would you recommend for thrill-seekers?
DM:  Finding a wreck while diving is always exciting for people, whether it be a ship with a history or a plane. Sometimes, historical information behind those findings can be gathered and shared with the guests. Cave diving is also great but does require some experience of diving, even with a competent instructor.
As far as water toys go, a few trips on the jet ski can get the excitement going. You can also try your hand at wakeboarding or water-skiing for an added adrenaline rush.
If our guests fancy something more calming, then take a trip in a kayak or on the paddleboard and do a tour next to the coastline.


What equipment do you have on-board?
DM: We have seven sets of top-quality dive sets on-board, 3 high powered jet skis and 1 stand-up jet ski. This takes a little more practice to master, but can be just as fun. We also have 4 sea bobs which are ideal for snorkelling. It’s perfect if you want to cover many areas quickly or if you just need a break from swimming. They even dive underwater so you can get a closer look at what is beneath the surface.
We have 4 Kayaks and 2 Paddleboards for more relaxed guests.
Guests can use wakeboards and water-skis while we drive and tow them with our sports tender.
We also have 2 windsurf boards for the experienced windsurfer. For the children we have bodyboards, snorkelling equipment, water guns, beach toys, floating mats and a big inflatable ball called a Zorb!


Why is diving a good charter activity?
DM: Diving is like discovering a new world beneath the surface. It’s a chance to see things you’ve never seen before!
It’s a surreal feeling, being underwater surrounded by fish and other wildlife. Especially if something you’ve not seen before swims past you. You can encounter whales, turtles, sharks, octopus and other cool, friendly creatures.


Where are your top three favourite spots for diving?
DM: All of my favourite spots are in a tropical region. Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef, will always have a place in my heart. That’s where I did all my training and diving to become a dive onstructor. The excitement I felt diving there made me want to become an instructor so I could share that experience with others.
Egypt and the Red Sea is also another great well-known location for having the best coral reefs and crystal-clear water. Diving there was a great experience and, as far as I can say, it lives up to the hype.
My third favourite spot would have to be the Philippines. They have beautiful clear water, an array of tropical sea life and coral reefs. There are so many dive sites to discover!


What is the most interesting thing you have seen whilst diving?
DM: There have been plenty of sea life that has taken my attention over the years. However, sharks are among my favourite animals to see. This is not the media or the movies so do not expect Jaws! Expect creatures who are curious but mind their own business. I always get excited if I see a shark, whether it be a reef shark or something a little bigger like a hammerhead. If you’re lucky and in the right area, a whale shark is the one to tick off the bucket list!

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