Diving from FLYING FOX

Diving from FLYING FOX


Chartering a superyacht like FLYING FOX allows access to the most beautiful and remote marine destinations on the planet. Discover what is beneath the dazzling waters and you will find another world. Home to coral reefs, dramatic underwater cliffs, and extraordinary marine life.

Interview with FLYING FOX's Dive Master

Describe a typical day of a Dive Master onboard FLYING FOX?
A typical day starts early to check the weather conditions and currents wherever we are currently based. This usually consists of a reconnaissance dive to ensure that the chosen area offers the correct conditions for the level
of divers. After returning to the main vessel, we conduct a brief and prepare the day's diving plan with the bridge team. Guests are met with enthusiasm by our professional team. We help prepare the necessary equipment and ensure they are comfortable. We conduct a safety briefing on board and head out to the dive site in our well-equipped dive tenders. After a short break and reset of equipment, we would be ready to conduct afternoon dives and also night dives along with any other watersport’s requests.

What itinerary would you recommend to discover the seabed?
A diving itinerary I would like to experience is starting in the Poor Knight Islands located in New Zealand around late February. Then moving north to Fiji in March. Here we can dive the famous astrolabe reef, Bligh water, and tiger shark coves. Moving east in April towards French Polynesia to discover the Society Islands and the Tuamotus where the diving is as wild and secluded.

What are the top locations to dive during a summer charter?
The Komodo National Park in Indonesia includes three large islands (Komodo, Rinca, and Padar) as well as many small islands. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was initially established to conserve the unique Komodo Dragon. Komodo is an underwater paradise. The variety of fish is unreal, all swimming in crystal clear waters. In addition, famed French Polynesia. It is a legendary destination that boasts of underwater magic. It offers a wide array of dive sites for beginners to advanced divers. There is an abundance of marine life amongst the pristine waters. Last but not least the Cocos Islands in Costa Rica. The Island is dotted with jungle, massive mountains, and impressive waterfalls. However, it is the sea that is the star of the show. It has the highest biomass of smaller species in the world.

Is the FLYING FOX dive centre unique compared to other superyachts?
The diving centre on FLYING FOX is one of the most advanced within the industry. It offers basic open-circuit scuba diving for beginners to advanced closed-circuit decompression dives as well as 100-meter deep dives. We have the ability to blend helium, oxygen and air to create the perfect mix for any depth. We offer rebreather diving for beginners and advanced students; we have full face mask diving. All equipped with communications and dive propulsion vehicles to cover long distances.

What kind of diving/water toys adventure while onboard FLYING FOX would you recommend for thrill-seekers?
For those who like to seek adventures, we provide night dives, deep dives or drift dives. This offers a challenge and a different type of experience. For other water sports enthusiasts, we have the Zapata Jet pack, Hoverboard and Flyboard. This is a great way to fly above the water and gets your adrenaline pumping. Another popular choice is the electric foil board (E-Foil). Most users are up and riding on their first attempt, speeding above the surface of the water.

How is FLYING FOX equipped for a diving aficionado?
We have a highly trained crew who are some of the most enthusiastic in the industry. They are willing to share their knowledge gained from diving around the world. We have an extensive range of several brands to offer if the guests have their own favourite equipment supplier. With the assistance of our onboard Medic, we can also discuss the world of dive medicine. In addition, we even offer dry-dive experiences in the hyperbaric chamber on board.

What equipment do you have onboard?
FLYING FOX boasts of one of the most impressive diving centres in the world. She offers open circuit, scuba diving, nitrox, full face mask specialty, closed-circuit, experienced rebreather diving, technical trimix diving, and plenty more.
The vessel is also equipped with a fully functioning three-seater Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in case of any eventualities. The dive center comes with compressor pumps and its own folding platform as a starting point for underwater adventures. For experienced divers, a professional double-lock decompression chamber IHC 1600mm with three places are available, which is considered amongst the best available today. Charter guests will find a great variation of diving suits and even the latest generation of underwater cameras are offered to capture incredible sights. Furthermore, there is a huge selection of surfboards as well as wakeboards, paddleboards, and sea-bobs.

Why is diving a good charter activity?
Depending on what you are looking for in diving, you can find it. For those wanting a relaxing experience breathing underwater, there are many calm areas to dive whilst looking at the incredible fish life. If you are an avid thrill seeker, we offer drift dives where you jump in and watch the underwater world go whizzing past. We can also take you down to explore wrecks that have a magical story behind them.

Where are your top three favourite spots for diving?
My favourite spots for diving include Rangiroa in French Polynesia. It is known to be one of the world’s greatest destinations for diving. The beautiful loop of islands is surrounded by different kinds of oceans (Moana-tea and Moana-Uri, translated to the peaceful and wild ocean). The waters are teeming with vibrant marine life. Furthermore, Sipadan Island in Malaysia is a marine paradise. Renowned amongst divers for its rich
underwater diversity and pristine reefs. It has over 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species calling this island home. As well as Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. With sunshine and warm waters all year round, it is loved by many. In addition, there are outstanding coral reefs and dive sites to discover.

What is the most interesting thing you have seen whilst diving?
We embarked on a night dive in the Maldives where our dive group startled a sleeping nurse shark. She was just as surprised to see us. This followed with schools of jacks surrounding our group as an electro coloured squid passed by.

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