Eco-charter in Galapagos

In the wake of the Beagle

The near-mythical island chain of the Galapagos – famed for her blue footed birds, giant Tortoises, and swimming Iguanas – sits across both sides of the equator just off the coast of Ecuador. Among all secluded and wild destinations you could find across the sevens seas, the Galapagos islands have fascinated visitors for centuries with her unique biodiversity and other-worldly landscape, and is becoming an increasingly popular destination for charterers.

Discovered by chance in the early 1500s, and as a one time hiding place of English Pirates who lay in wait to plunder the passing Spanish Galleons, the most famous, and indeed important, visitor, was the young naturalist Charles Darwin, who arrived on HMS Beagle in the early 1830s. His studies of the endemic species led to his revolutionary evolutionary work “On the Origin of Species” which still remains of fundamental importance to the studies of evolution.

The Galapagos has therefore always held an allure of pure adventure; with tourism and visits strictly governed, only a lucky few can experience these beautiful natural phenomena each year. One of our captain, after his first trip on site, said: “It’s wild. It’s absolutely packed with life, everywhere you look. Visiting the Galapagos is a rare opportunity and should never be missed.”

With the best time to visit late winter to early Spring, this allows for a trip to precede the usual summer Mediterranean cruising. Visits are carefully orchestrated of course, accompanied by a licensed guide to ensure that as little human impact is made on the islands as possible. Some of the wildest parts of the islands are strictly timetabled, and other visiting super yachts only allowed access for 15 days a year.

Having the opportunity to dive, photograph, explore, and observe some of the world’s rarest and most endangered species cannot fail to be one of the finest charter experiences possible.

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