Enter the Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Let's begin the summer season 2016!

This week sees the return of the biennial Historic Grand Prix in Monaco, a much anticipated event in any racing and car enthusiastsí calendar. Competing on the Formula 1 track – which takes place two weeks post – the 3 day event sees 8 races with cars dating from pre-war, up to 1976.

Competitive car racing originated on the back streets of France in the late 1890s, and gradually evolved into a more controlled and organised affair due to the high number of injuries and death that occurred. Before the race became ëformulatedí, that is, each car having to adhere to a strict set of building rules, the cars used were designed by the eponymous car manufacturers themselves; Marcel Renault (who himself died while racing), Karl Benz, Enzo Ferrari, W.O. Bentley. This was the era of car racing at its purest form. There was a greatly unpredictability of both car performance, and also safety, which of course meant a greater degree of excitement.

Monaco is place in the history of motor car racing has many facets; from being the only track comprised of public roads, the twists and turns the scenes of many spectacular accidents, to being the first Grand Prix race where the grid was determined by time trial rather than a draw of names out of a hat (1933).

The affinity of Monaco with motor car racing therefore lead to the inception of the first Historic Grand Prix in 1997, under the auspices of the Automobile Club de Monaco. Aiming to recreate the excitement of these early races, while also showcasing some of the most beautiful cars ever produced, the Historic Grand Prix is an event that grows in popularity with every race. Imperial are in the fortunate position to entertain her clients on the first and seventh floor terraces of the Monaco office, situated close to the start-line, offering stunning views of the track, against the backdrop of Port Hercule and her super yachts .

Those wishing to garner a closer, and arguably more luxurious position, are able to charter a super yacht through Imperial, for not only this race, but that of the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the 26th-29th May.

For more information and yacht charters availabilities during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, please contact Imperial Charter Department:

Imperial Charter Department
T +377 97 98 38 80


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