A family-friendly charter journey on board OKKO

Why OKKO must be your next superyacht home this summer

Built with a special sense of aesthetic, OKKO (Mondomarine  41m) isn’t another classic 40-metre superyacht in a busy charter range, it’s much more than that. Delivered in 2012 and always kept in perfect condition, OKKO used to be a popular charter superyacht before she turned private. Since the Summer 2017, OKKO came back to the charter industry exclusively through Imperial, and no one has forgotten anything about her versatility. With her symetrical lines typical from Italian-based shipyard Mondomarine, her exterior is already appealing while looking at her from the quay or the sea. Designed by Giorgio Vafiadis at the time (now StudioVafiadis), OKKO was built with a modern and clear vision: to fully enjoy any moment on board. From her cozy exterior areas with her panoramic Sun deck and al-fresco dinning, to the comfortable and warm interior including a 5-cabin layout, OKKO is designed for family charters and most certainly the ultimate superyacht to experience in her range.

A successful journey on board couldn’t be completed without the testimonial of her Captain: today, we asked him to talk about her and her benefits. Not only emphasizing on her qualities, but why any people that would be her guest should feel comfortable while being on board. Sharing with us his vision of a perfect yacht charter holiday and some good tips about his favorite destinations around the world and especially in the Mediterranean area, Capt. Christian Du Pisani is drawing with Imperial the utmost conditions to make your Summer journey on board OKKO absolutely unique and unforgettable. Scroll down, read his interview, and let our specialist offers you a fresh and relaxing moment.

OKKO: a charter experience to live.


Imperial: What makes the superyacht charter experience special?
Christian Du Pisani: It is one of the last experiences that words cannot describe the real experience a person feels: the absolute freedom. The all-round blue view of the ocean, a deserted island to share with family and close friends. It is a chance to break free from society, to leave the phone in the cabin and dedicate this precious time to friends and family. Time is priceless, once you have lost it you can never get it back. We always say that all good things come to an end, but spending our precious time with our kids, simply emjoying this relaxing and disconnected moments, this is the absolute luxury today.

IY: What makes OKKO particularly attractive in this demanding 40-metre charter range?
CDP: OKKO is much more spacious than one would think for a 40-metre superyacht. Thanks to her three big exterior decks and an interior volume to match a 45-metre yacht, there is still space for a bit of privacy if needed. OKKO also has a shallow draft of 2.3m, which means that she can get in to most marinas and anchorages: this is a real advantage to anchor in the most remote locations whatever the destinations, we can get closer to any coasts where other vessels should stay far away. For charter guests, it is a real benefit to commute quickly than ever from the vessel to the shore side.
Also, OKKO is commercially registered and complies with industry standard regulations. We also run with a voluntary ISM (International Safety Management) that is not required for a vessel of her weight. She is a Capable Sea vessel!

IY: How would you characterise your crew? Do you have any special skills on board you want to share with us?
CDP: Young Energetic, Fun loving people that enjoy what they do. Each and every one of them has a special skill that they bring to the , just to name a few of the many skills: Free Divers, Ski Instructor, Personal Water Craft Instructors, Commercial Fishermen, Masseuse, Beauticians and the list goes on. Whatever you were looking after for your journey, you can certainly find it on board OKKO.

IY: How has your charter experience been to date?
CDP: I have worked in the yachting industry since 2006, and the last 7 years on charter boats. Starting in Mexico, where I did the west coast up and down North America, then crossing over through the Panama Canal to go up and down through the countries on the East Coast of North America. We headed off to the Bahamas, Cuba and all off the Caribbean Islands down to the ABC Islands. I left the Caribbean to experience Europe and managed to charter, literally, everywhere in Mediterranean: Italy, France, Sardinia, Monaco, Corsica, Sicily, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro and Croatia. I can say my knowledge is improved in the region!
Spending this time on board busy vessels, I have realised how for filling it is when you exceed someone’s expectations of a trip, leaving them with unforgettable memories. This sensation is absolutely unique. Having joined OKKO since 2017, and having heard about her prestigious charter pedigree in the past, my crew and I can’t wait to spend exciting seasons cruising the Mediterranean, and why not more eastern or western sides? Anything is possible with OKKO.

IY: Which area would you recommend on board?
CDP: My personal favourite one is her Sun deck: where it is at, OKKO offer a 360-degree view around and the area can be closed off with glass doors to block the wind from ruining a casual day at anchor. Together with the Jacuzzi on the aft, her charter guests will benefit of a privileged position on board with a maximum of privacy.

IY: As a Captain, which Mediterranean regions would you recommend to explore on-board OKKO?
CDP: I have done quite a bit of charters in Croatia and I am still amazed on the hidden beauty that the country hides between all the islands. Croatia is also well protected from heavy weather with plenty of safe places to go when a storm approaches.

IY: What are your favourite anchorages, your favourite places?
CDP: This is always a hard question to answer, because every place has its own allure and beauty, but I will try to summarize it and keep it short: my Top 3 favourite places to charter is Croatia; Bahamas and French Polynesia. For diving, French Polynesia spoiled me, Fakarava south pass is number 1 on my list. I used to cruise around Tahiti, Raivavae, Makemo, Tahanea, Fakarava and Nuku Hiva islands, and it has wonders that can’t be found anywhere else on earth! I also enjoy Shark dives: the 2 best ones was the wreck from Albany marina on Nassau in the Bahamas; the other one was at the island Roatan in Honduras. I have to admit that it was just Black tip reef sharks but still amazing.
On the Mediterranean side, Ccastles and medieval towns or cities  has it all, my favourite castle would be Dubrovnik in Croatia and medieval town Kotor in Montenegro: definitely two spots to add to any charter guests bucket list! The list just keeps on going, this is what I like the most.

IY: For an experienced charter guest or for a first time on board, which kind of day schedule would you propose?
CDP: It all depends on what kind of people the guests is. We try to cater to each individuals needs on a charter. But for a general answer a charter would start with a meet and greet with some Champagne on the Main deck aft, where our Chief Stewardess will show them around the vessel and to their cabins. During this time OKKO will depart for the first anchorage. While everyone is getting comfortable the Chief Officer will conduct a short safety briefing as safety is our highest priority. The primary guest will usually come and discuss with me in more detail what they want to do during the charter week. The best charters we usually move every day early in the morning before everyone is up to be able to jump in the ocean in a new location every day. My ideas for an ideal schedule:

  • Day 1 and 2 is usually very active with water sports and jet skis, we are very well equipped and can offer some good moments with our toys fleet!
  • Then Day 3, the guests usually need to go to a town, a club or even in excursion in a place where we can dock and let them do their own thing. We are here above all to ensure they will enjoy every moment, even ashore.
  • Day 4, 5 and 6 are the best days of any charter: everyone is in their comfort zone know what they want to do. They are used to us, and we have a complete understanding of their needs at any time, it is the moment where guests are really enjoying their time on board.
  • Day 7 we will be docking as agreed per charter contract, and we will bid our guests farewell.

IY: In few words: why should people consider a charter aboard OKKO?
CDP: I’m going to sound like a TV advert, but you get More for Less
. OKKO is a great charter superyacht if you want to break away from the distractions from everyday life and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Pleasure is the essence of everything, I do believe that once you have spent a week with OKKO, you will feel fully recharged.

While the 40-metre range is very popular, OKKO distinguishes herself with harmonious and light spaces. Learn more here.

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