This makes the Maldives an impressive fishing destination worldwide. When cruising around the Maldives, it is rarely done without fishing. With rich fishing grounds, you do not have to venture far from the shore to catch the big game. A chain of 26 atolls made up of nearly 1,200 coral islands, you will experience remarkable scenery. “The Maldives is fortunate to benefit from ample fishing opportunities all across the country”, says the team at Veela Private Island. When discovering the Maldives on a superyacht, the highly trained team on board will show you all the best fishing spots dotted around the countless islands, lagoons, and atolls. Outside the atolls, massive tuna catches, marlin, sailfish, and the famous Maldive skipjack are easily netted. Skipjack, also known as the “Maldive Fish” is the main export of the country. FLYING FOX Captain quotes “the range of species of fish in the Maldives is extensive, being in the Indo Pacific band with strong currents allows for all species to live and breed there”. Nearing sunset, most of the islands start to bustle with people and sound. The market area of Marine Drive in Male is filled with returning fishermen. Rainbows of colourful fish are passed and trolleys loaded with fresh tuna move from door to door sales.


For many decades, fishing plays a vital role in the local culture as it is the lifeblood and primary economic industry in the country. According to the team at Velaa Private Island, “fishing is rooted into the very culture of Maldives, playing a large part in its heritage and still an important part of the economy”. Fishing offers a sizeable gross domestic product and job opportunities for the vast majority of the island’s population. Blue Marine Foundation recounts “the cuisine of Maldives is mainly fish and Maldivians typically eat tuna for all three meals of the day which is why they have the highest fish consumption per capita in the world. Aside from fish forming a large part of the diet, it is also a very important recreational activity particularly for men but increasingly for women as well”.

When fishing in the Maldives, it is imperative to utilise a sustainable approach. Blue Marine Foundation advises “individuals should be mindful of the gears they use; the species they take as well the locations they fish and the times they fish. Even if lots of people fish in an environmentally conscious way you can still overfish fish populations because the scale of fishing remains a problem”. It is also important to note that the Maldives is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change, predominantly sea level rise. With the advice of BLUE, Imperial instructs all charter guests to follow a general fishing guideline to try to manage and protect the underwater world. For example, do not catch or eat protect species (such as turtles and sharks), do not catch or eat threatened species (brown marbled grouper, camouflage grouper, and more).

The government of Maldives strictly prohibits the hunting of whales and dolphins as well as the use of harpoon guns. Moreover, the Maldives has a 200-nautical-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which provides the fishing industry-exclusive rights and covers an approximate area of 560,000 square miles. In reference to Blue Marine Foundation, “the government has pledged to protect twenty percent of Maldivian waters within the next five years. This is absolutely critical for the Maldives as healthy fish populations are integral to coral reef health”. With two seasons in the Maldives, it offers different opportunities for fishing due to changes in currents, visibility, water temperature, and plankton movement. For big game, the best season is from November to March because of the current. The Maldives also offers different types of fishing: big game fishing, casting, jigging, pole and line fishing, traditional night fishing and fly fishing. According to the Captain on FLYING FOX, it is easy to catch big game. With the right setup and a great local guide, they can get you out to their secret local spots for each atoll.

Cast your line from your superyacht and enjoy one of the most popular activities on the island. View the picturesque landscape whilst trying your luck to catch tuna, barracuda, wahoo, or dorado. Show off your catch and ask your chef on board to grill you a delicious dinner. “The Maldives is a haven for the avid fisher, sporting some of the most interesting and sought-after species from the Maldivian yellow fin tuna to the impressive blue marlin” quotes the team at Velaa Private Island.
Pole and line fishing are typically reserved for commercial fishing. Learn to master the art of Maldivian line fishing from your experienced crew. Cruise to spots where you will spot an abundance of fish. Line fishing is environmentally sustainable and has been practiced for centuries.

Night fishing in the Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. Experience the opportunity to catch snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish, and more. Under the sparkling stars, night fishing is definitely a treat for aficionados. With plenty of inhabited islands and sandbanks, explore fly fishing during your superyacht charter. Discover a great number of bone fish, groupers, and more. When asked where the best fishing spots are, the FLYING FOX Captain replies “this will very much depend on which species you are targeting, and what time of year it is. The guaranteed way to get the best out of a fishing is to get a local guide who has fished the area his whole life and can take you out to the secret local spots.  In general, the most life can be found at the entrance to the atolls where the currents are strong.  The best thing about chartering a superyacht in the Maldives is that we can use our tenders, obtain the services of a local guide and take guests straight to the best spots”.

Cruising in the Maldives is a truly unique experience partnered with warm waters, incredible views, and lots of activities. The FLYING FOX Captain shares a great memory when fishing in the Maldives. He recounts “in the winter of 2019, for the final day of a charter we organised a full day on the beach for our guests.  The day was spent diving, sailing, jet-skiing, and relaxing on the beach.  In the evening we organised a beach barbeque, bonfire and live music by one of our Electricians who can play the Spanish Guitar.  What the guests did not realise is at the same time we had crew free diving in order to catch some cray fish and also octopus.  The guests were able to see the crew come out of the water. They showed their catch which was handed over to the chef. It was on the barbeque in five minutes. This was the most freshly prepared catch I have ever witnessed!”.

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