FLYING FOX - The Ultimate Floating Retreat

A Hotel Palace Merano at sea

Restart the body and mind on board with FLYING FOX’s private spa and medic, working hand in hand to give guests a luxurious detox program including medical check-ups and treatments with ultra-advanced technology.
As the world has put a spotlight on health concerns and questions arise on how to disconnect during this period. Summer is around the corner, for many this means putting health and wellbeing in priority. With the closure of many destination retreats, Imperial has found the perfect answer for those who are seeking a place to detach, detox and improve their wellbeing whilst being in a clinically clean environment.

FLYING FOX, a five-Star Wellness Centre

FLYING FOX Wellness Centre incorporates all aspects of personal wellness using both a holistic and scientific approach The Wellness Centre provides a personalised detox nutritional program and treatments to restore the balance of energy and to free the body from any toxins. The specialised medical staff monitor the individually planned treatments. The pursuit of good health, wellbeing and aesthetics have been the philosophy underlying the entire wellness and spa movement.

Free time on board offers the opportunity to explore the vast range of amenities FLYING FOX has to offer. Food lovers can look forward to the team of Chefs who can design a menu to induce deep tissue cleansing and keep energy levels high. All based on organic, hypoallergenic foods that re-balance the body’s function.

Between the speciality trained therapists, fitness instructors, highly accredited hairdressers and 24hr on call medic FLYING FOX can provide a vast array of treatments and therapies to achieve the desired results. That may be total escape and relaxation, or informative sessions where guests will finish with greater knowledge and better understanding of the human body.

Upon exiting the extensive water sports centre, guests will enter FLYING FOX’s lower deck spa, relax lounge and swim platforms. Also consisting of an open aired Jacuzzi, Hammam, Sauna and Cryotherapy Sauna.

Under strict supervision by the Spa Manager and onboard Medic, the team uses whole body Cryotherapy applications for therapeutic, health prophylactic and performance enhancing purposes. Many years of experience have shown that whole body cold exposures in health spas can be very effectively included within the spectrum of prophylactic or therapeutic measures on offer, whether it be a one-off session or daily visits throughout the duration of the stay.

Today it is clear to see a new trend towards undergoing more and more challenging fitness programmes. Health spas equipped with Cryotherapy have now initiated and established fitness programmes that incorporate whole body cryotherapy. FLYING FOX is the first ever superyacht to be equipped with such a remarkable system which offers guests a chilly experience under -110 Celsius for complete rejuvenation. It promotes the relief of muscle pains as well as younger looking skin amongst many other benefits. It has long been understood that being fit does not just refer to physical fitness. Physical and mental performance, mastery of occupational requirements, avoidance of health risks and a high resistance to stress constitute the overall picture of what is demanded.

The words wellness and spa are not always clearly drawn, and instead overlap both in regard to their content and the complex packages on offer for the guests. FLYING FOX offers wellness and spa facilities that make a very welcome contribution in increasing health awareness in general. The focus has been on methods that bring a state psychophysical equilibrium (relaxation, healthy physical activities, bathing, massages, healthy eating, natural stimuli). Whole body cold exposure represents an integral part of the package.

Guest’s will be set at ease knowing the on-board Medic is available to assist, care and nurture whilst on board FLYING FOX. High standards are achieved throughout the vessel in relation to infection prevention and control. The crew are screened regularly to ensure a healthy workforce and are all aware of latest health prevention and protection measures.

FLYING FOX has a dedicated clinic that provides all healthcare demands and a team of lead consultants, specialising from barotrauma to emergency medicine, on-shore just a phone call away. The treatment bay hosts latest edition monitoring equipment and a hyperbaric chamber for any emergency post dive needs and pre-hospital care. The hyperbaric chamber is fully operational, meaning that dedicated crew members have years of experience and specialities in this domain of medicine. The medic will complete a health check when guests arrive and will be there to assist any further treatment if required.

Making way up to the main deck spa, guests will be greeted by one of the Spa therapists to make any reservations for treatments on offer. State of the art fitness equipment can be found in the Gymnasium. The high-end skin care products along with face and body electrical machines are a large part of the Wellness centre. FLYING FOX offers many water therapy treatments, which complement the journey on the ocean. Guests will enjoy a variety of therapeutic massages and an array of natural, skin correcting and oxygenating facials, using advanced skin care technologies with a huge emphasis on botanical extracts. The extensive spa menu includes Balinese massage, Intraceuticals Oxygen facial, wet massage and more.

This five-star facility on board caters to guests’ every wellness wish, beginning with a consultation to living a more holistic lifestyle. This program can help achieve a new way of living, focusing on improving one’s wellbeing, a customised fitness plan and a healthy diet. FLYING FOX has the necessary amenities and team to recharge and reboot oneself. Being immersed in beautiful nature whilst on board, it creates a peaceful and timeless space where guests can find tranquillity to focus on themselves and their personal goals. FLYING FOX Wellness Centre has unparalleled expertise that cannot be matched elsewhere.

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