Imperial wanted to take the opportunity to update our clients and partners on the measures we have continued to mitigate during this occurrence. At Imperial, we have been ensuring clients a clinically clean vessel for more than ten years and will continue to implement our rigorous methods to monitor the health state of our captain and crew as well as to confine and sanitize the vessel between each charter and visit. Imperial offers a service that can provide a temporary sanctuary for those who wish to stay in isolation and eliminate any experience with the public

We altered our general strategy to implement new procedures and policies to take immediate effect. The team at Imperial has planned daily to navigate and stay ahead throughout this unforeseen predicament. Imperial has remained positive and our charter clients have placed their full trust in us as our fleet was fully operational during the summer season. This was made possible by putting a plan in place to minimize risk for guests, procedures for crew changes as well as extra hygiene and person protective equipment.

This uncertain period pushed Imperial’s capacities but we are proudly standing up after the peak of this. Imperial moves forward with certainty in our processes, attention to our crew, and hard efforts. We have learned a lot and confirm our procedures applied onboard our managed fleet was built in anticipation of times like this. Imperial is prepared to take all necessary steps to prevent further spread. Overall, we remain optimistic that all projects will continue to move forward as smoothly as possible in these challenging times.

Imperial’s charter team has carefully selected safe destinations to charter where guests can choose how much interaction they want with life on land. The ideal places to charter in the duration of these circumstances are off the beaten track regions like Alaska, Antarctica, and Oceania, including French Polynesia and Fiji. The team at Imperial is determined to create an enjoyable itinerary whilst still keeping a healthy environment for charter guests.

During this time, Imperial recognizes flexibility is more important than ever. We are committed to the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

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