How to yacht like a Billionaire


Where some talk about super yachting, others talk about giga yachting… When money is limitless, so are the possibilities. Living the ultra-high luxurious lifestyle is one only the very lucky few can venture. From buying your very own paradisiac islands, to bespoke water-toys through to collecting the art of Monet, Degas, Picasso… the possibilities are limitless!

Here we give you a taste of what yachting is like when you have no restrictions, no boundaries, and your only limitations are your passion and your feelings. Super yachts and mega yachts are just the start, and this is where Imperial resides: giving you the right tools to understand how to commission your ultimate yacht project.


BUY YOUR PRIVATE ISLAND: BUY YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND: anchor off the coast of your own private island; a 1,000 acre Greek island with plenty of natural harbours in which to moor your super yacht, setting you back c.€45,000,000. You should definitely look at those around the Cyclades and Ionian islands, where Imperial has great experience in orchestrating exclusive itineraries for super yacht charter lovers who have a certain taste for hidden white sandy beaches and exquisite restaurants.

CREATE A FLOATING MUSEUM: there is a strong link between the world of fine art and yachting, with many collectors being avid yacht enthusiasts. Buy and display museum-quality artwork on your yacht to seriously impress your guests; a painting by French artist Gauguin recently sold for c.£200m.

ENJOY SPIRITS: relax on the aft deck of your yacht, cruising the French Riviera, while drinking a bottle of Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande (€1.5 million). Produced since 1776, it is aged in barrels for more than 100 years. The precious liquor is bottled in a carafe dipped in 24 K Yellow Gold & Sterling Platinum and decorated with 6,500 certified brilliantly cut diamonds. With an approximate weight of 8 Kilograms, the bottle packaging is even decorated with jewels by the well known jeweler Jose Davalos.

EXCEED YOUR ULTIMATE INTERESTS: explore the depths of the Ocean with your own submarine; the new ‘must-have’ super yacht toy, ranging from around €2-5million. Channel your inner oceanographer and open up a whole new world of adventure. Did you know Imperial was also well-known for our skills in building and delivering luxury super toys, including submarines and helicopters? Take a look in our gallery. We can achieve more than you can imagine…

INDULGE YOUR PASSION: Microsoft Founder Paul Allen’s multi-million pound 126m M/Y Octopus is more often than not used as an Oceanographic research and exploration vessel, housing teams of scientists and explorers working their way towards a solution for climate change, while at the same time engaging in maritime archaeological excavation. We believe super yachting is all about passion, whatever it may be, and here at Imperial we have the specialized teams in place to make the impossible possible.

EXPLORE THE WORLD: Take a year off from the daily grind and circumnavigate the world in your very own ice-breaking exploration vessel. Spend the summer cruising the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, and the winter breaking through the ice in the Arctic, where only the penguins are your neighbour. If you are looking for this kind of exclusive adventure but don’t want to own a yacht, Imperial’s Charter Department can get you there!

BUILD THE DREAM PROJECT: last but not the least, commissioning your own 100m+ super yacht is the ultimate billionaire’s achievement, complete with matching chase boats, tenders, helicopters, and private jet to fly you to your desired cruising location. The estimated cost of M/Y Eclipse, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, for example, was €400,000,000. Our strength is to be able to commission such super yachts and mega yachts of this size. Have a look at our future super yachts deliveries and imagine what your future could hold by having a look to our world renowned shipyards.  

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