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Imperial are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with the Geneva-based company, Imperiali, manufacturer of the world reputed Emperador. Founded by David Pasciuto and Stephane Nazzal, Imperiali are the creator of the Emperador, the world’s most exclusive and prestigious cigar chest ever to be designed and produced. Housed within the casing, Imperiali have developed the worlds first humidity regulation system, guaranteeing a constant humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, regardless of external environmental conditions. Game changer of this luxury industry, there are many shared qualities between Imperial and Imperiali which makes this partnership so fitting.

Thousands of hours of work, several international patents and no fewer than 2,675 components make the Emperador the most prestigious and complex cigar chest in the world. Measuring 70 cm long, 45cm wide and 30 cm high, it is entirely manufactured in Switzerland using precious and noble materials. A series of grandes complications, reworking and transposing the very best of fine watchmaking, engineering and craftsmanship to the cigar industry combine to form an unprecedented marriage of mechanics and the most advanced technology. The result exceeds all expectations, expressing the fruit of an ambitious idea, extreme precision, centuries of savoir-faire and a resolutely boundless mindset.  Reminiscent of a special safe guarding a precious treasure, the Emperador is unlocked by an ingenious mechanical system activated with a passcode. This triggers the sequence of planetary gears, whose evocative clicks accompany a delicate display of light. In the centre of the mechanism, a tourbillon timepiece continues its perpetual cycle while the opening mechanism dances its ballet of infinite precision, culminating in the upper section rising up majestically to reveal the treasure beneath.

Discover it: the Imperiali Emperador will be exclusively on display within Project 783 during the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show (September, 27-30th), an unique opportunity to discover this impressive Swiss savoir-faire and tailor-made asset. For booking your next appointment on board Project 783 or Fast Support Vesel 6711, please contact our Imperial Marketing department:

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